Did you know that many pets can benefit from adjusting the ratios of fat, protein and carbohydrates in their diets? Just as we people have different foods and diet types that we do better on, so do our animal companions. With a food like The Honest Kitchen, which has balanced calcium: phosphorus ratios to allow the addition of ingredients from your own kitchen, you can tailor each meal to meet your pet’s specific needs and find a balanced diet that is right for your dog.

For example, a dog who does well on Keen because he needs a single grain in his diet to maintain a healthy body-weight, may need slightly more fat and protein to support his active lifestyle. Adding half a cup of extra turkey or perhaps a little fish, can increase the ratios and make the meal just right!

If your dog does really well on Embark but tends to get too slim with low carbohydrates, try mixing in some sweet potatoes or maybe a single non-gluten grain like millet or quinoa. This should provide the extra carbs he needs to pack on a few extra pounds.

Does your pup find Thrive a little too rich or high in fat? Balance it out with some green beans or pumpkin! Adding fibrous vegetables can make a meal less rich, and more easily tolerated for sensitive pets. Pumpkin is also excellent for firming up slightly loose stools.

Want less carbs in an average meal? You can still feed Force, but combine it with a good helping of extra meat. The meal will remain completely grain free and by increasing the percentage of protein and fat by adding meat, the overall percentage of the meal that is made up of carbohydrate, will naturally come down.

If Verve works well but the fat’s a little low, try adding in some ground lamb (one of the fattiest meats available) or marbled beef, for a calorie dense meal that will provide some extra fat to balance out the grains. You could also try a fish oil to do the same job (we like sardine or wild salmon oils) and coconut oil has many medicinal benefits for your pet, as well.

You can also make Prowl even higher in protein (and thus reduce the overall percentage of carbs) by adding in some extra chicken, salmon or duck that she should find kitty-licious!

When you combine foods together, you can manually adjust the percentages of certain components of the meal. Remember, the total meal will always be 100%. If you increase one component’s percentage, the other components will adjust accordingly.

If you need some help or a personalized suggestion, give us a call! 1 866 437 9729 – we love to help! In addition, your pet is sure to benefit from the extra variety because the new foods will provide a new spectrum of amino acids, minerals and other vital nutrients.