Be healthy, green and save money, too! Here’s our list of five top tips for what to invest in and what to save money on during tough economic times – keep your animal companions safe and help the planet, too!

Limit vaccinations.

Many vets recommend annual booster shots for a wide variety of diseases but did you know, many pets already have protection from their puppy shots and over-vaccination can actually be detrimental in the long term?

Invest in a titer test to determine if your pet still has immunity from previous shots, and help you decide which vaccines to give and which to eliminate. If necessary a second opinion about which diseases your pets are really at risk from, based on your geographical area and your pet’s lifestyle and specific requirements.

Save money by not vaccinating for every disease under the sun! Many vaccines cause harmful side effects and are administered for diseases that are not especially serious or life-threatening. Discuss the options with a reputable holistic vet. Some vaccines may not be needed at all – saving resources and offering a holistically healthier solution for your pet, as well

Bathe your pup less often

Weekly baths are not usually necessary for most pets! It can be hard to refrain from lathering up your pup so frequently, in the beginning, but the benefits are plenty. Firstly, the natural oils in the coat will be allowed to replenish themselves which can result in less itchiness and sensitivity. One bath per month is usually optimal for most pets.

Invest in a good quality natural shampoo when you do bath your pup. Natural, high quality bathing products tend to have fewer chemicals and parabens and are made with healthier ingredients like oatmeal, that help to nourish the skin and coat. Cheap shampoos are a bad expense as they often contain substances that aggravate the skin.

Save water at the same time and the planet will thank you, too! With the money you save, you could still go to the local pet wash and support your local economy by investing in a new herbal tincture, supplement or natural treat for puppy’s holiday stocking.

Buy local

Support your local pet store and shop in your neighborhood! This not only keeps your money in your own community but helps to reduce pollution. Your pup would love it if you took him with you to the local pet store to stock up on supplies. If you walk instead of ride in the car, so much the better!

If you do have pet supply (and other) items shipped to you, try to plan ahead and make use of lower rates on ground shipping. This not only saves money but is considerably more eco-friendly, too. Having items shipped to you by air-freight costs much more and results in a much bigger carbon pawprint for the item you bought.

Eat well

Invest in good food for your animal companion. Downgrading diet may seem like an obvious savings, but it is almost always a false economy. Lower grade pet foods are laden with by-products, chemicals and fillers which take their toll on your pet’s liver, kidneys and other organ systems. Cheap foods filled with grains like wheat, corn and soy can also trigger off allergies in sensitive pets – itching, ear infections and GI Upset – that warrant trips to the vet for steroids or other medications and end up costing more in the long run. Good food is a cornerstone of good health and well worth the investment!

Make some treats

Invest in some good quality ingredients and prepare some homemade cookies for your pet! Not only does this save money on unnecessary packaging but homemade treats are usually healthier for your pet, too! You could even make some pet treats as a fun and novel holiday gift for your animal companion’s favorite friends. Homemade gifts are fun to receive and eco-friendly, too! Visit our recipes page for a list of recipes for treats and meals to make your pet feel like a prince or princess!