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Fido Friendly Column

  • Made With Love – Preparing Fido’s Food

    A homemade diet can provide a healthy, nutritious and tasty alternative to many commercial pet foods on the market. It’s fun to prepare Fido’s food at home if you have the time for research and meal preparation.

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  • Energy Medicine: Homeopathy for Fido's Health

    With the higher frequency of side effects from many conventional medicines, alternative remedies are continuing to gain popularity, being more widely incorporated into holistic vets’ medicine bags. Homeopathy is a form of “energy medicine,” which uses remedies made from highly diluted natural compounds that undergo a series of dilutions in water, alternated with a process called succussion (vigorous shaking).

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  • Varietal Feeding for Fido

    Varietal or rotational feeding is gaining popularity among pet parents. Not only is feeding a varied diet important from the standpoint of preventing boredom, it also helps to ensure that Fido will receive a broader spectrum of nutrition, including enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, compared with when he eats one single processed food every day

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  • Snacks for Fido: How much is too much?

    We all love to offer our animal companions treats and snacks, but how many we give and how often can have more than a little impact on both their behavior and total health. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to limit “snacks” (free mini-meals) to once a day, if at all.

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  • Toxic People Foods Fido Should Avoid

    While most “people-foods” can be fed to Fido without any adverse consequences, some should never be fed to dogs because they pose a serious potential health risk. Here are five poisonous people-foods, and some warning signs that they may have been ingested by your dog.

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  • What to feed Fido when the cupboard is bare

    It happens to the best of us; we mean to order dog food but the cupboard runs bare. Once in a while, Fido must be fed 100 percent homemade (even if he doesn’t enjoy the delights of people food every day). How can you accomplish this with minimal upset?

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  • Feeding Fido Kibble or Canned?

    How’s a guardian to choose? If you’ve shopped around for pet food in recent years, you might have noticed there are now more categories than ever before. New foods in frozen, dehydrated and freeze-dried formats offer many different benefits over conventional processed foods. Yet kibble and canned diets continue to reign as the major players in a multi-billion dollar industry.

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  • Raw Food Diet: Is Fido a Candidate?

    There are many factors to consider in choosing whether to move to a raw food diet for Fido. Different vets have different opinions, and online forums and other resources contain a mind-boggling amount of information and opinions on the merits and pitfalls of food choices. Here’s a simple set of considerations to help you make the choice.

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  • Herbal Remedies for Fido

    There are many cases in which expert veterinary attention is absolutely vital for Fido’s health and well-being, but there are also some situations when a natural store-bought or home remedy can provide an excellent complement to more conventional care. Of course the correct diagnosis is a must, and any time there is doubt, a consultation with a vet is the only responsible way forward.

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  • Senior Care: Looking After Fido in His Golden Years

    We all want to slow the aging process for our dogs as well as ourselves, but of course there is no exact tool for doing this. Scientific research for a “fountain of youth” has pinpointed some of the culprits that affect how we and our animal companions age.

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