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Preventative Pet Health

  • Causes & Remedies for Pet Ear Infections

    Bacteria and yeast are present naturally, throughout the body, including the ears, part of the balance of life. When environmental or other factors disrupt the balance, they may grow out of control and an ‘infection’ results. Deep-seated infections can take long time to clear.

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  • Dental Issues for Pets

    Dental problems can be a serious threat to a pet’s health, if left untreated. While dogs and cats are not susceptible to dental decay and cavities as humans are, they do suffer from periodontal disease. Plaque allowed to build up on the teeth eventually hardens into tartar, resulting in bad breath, and a buildup of bacteria at the gum-line. This, in turn, releases toxins into the oral tissue, leading to periodontal disease.

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  • 5 Medical Reasons Pets Go to the Vet

    Has your pet been receiving long term medication for a chronic (non life-threatening) health problem for months or even years, without a true cure ever taking place? Food could be the cause – and the solution!

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  • Natural Options for Bone and Joint Health

    The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When these are strong and working in harmony, pets may move free and easy, without pain. Unfortunately, many pets suffer from pain or mobility issues due to a variety of injuries, developmental abnormalities, and nutritional or other health imbalances.

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  • Preventing Obesity in Our Pets

    In addition to over-feeding, over-treating and under-exercising, slightly overweight pets are becoming the new ‘normal’. In 2009, the APOP reported that veterinarians noted 44% of their dogs and cats patients were overweight – when just 17% of pet owners would have considered their pets overweight. That means only 40% of overweight pets have owners who, first, recognize there is a problem with their pets’ weight, and can take necessary, life saving measures.

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  • Pet Digestive Problems

    Many chronic digestive issues are related in some way to a food intolerance or sensitivity. Acute GI upsets can also be caused by stress, eating something bad out of the rubbish bin, drinking bad water, an abrupt change in diet, finding a special “treat” on a daily walk, etc. But, many pets have low-level food sensitivities, meaning their body has a mildly adverse reaction to a particular ingredient.

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  • 12 Tips for Beating Fleas Naturally

    A flea problem can run the gamut from a mild annoyance to full blown insecticidal warfare. Often, a pet owner’s reaction will be based upon their animal’s sensitivity and reaction to flea bites – and of course the severity of the epidemic itself.

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  • Maintaining Healthy Weight in Dogs and Cats

    Pet obesity is becoming increasingly common. In the US, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found approximately 53% of cats and 55% of dogs were overweight or obese in 2010.As a general rule of thumb, your pet is at a healthy weight if the ribs are easily felt, stomach doesn’t sag and the waist is easily noted when viewed from above

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  • Gastrointestinal Health in Pets

    Most chronic stomach problems in dogs and cats are related in some way to a food intolerance. Many pets have low level food sensitivities where their body has a mildly adverse reaction to a particular ingredient and attempts to ‘expel’ the ingredient more rapidly, through diarrhea.

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  • Natural Skin and Coat Remedies

    Itchy skin problems are among the top reasons dogs and cats are taken to the vet. The skin is an organ and is often the only outward reflection of upset on the inside. With a truly holistic approach, the entire body can be restored to optimal health, which is reflected in the condition of the hair and skin.

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