Happy pets make happy people! We all strive to raise companion animals who are healthy, happy, relaxed and content. Sometimes there are hiccups along the way however, and flower essences are a marvelous tool for helping to address emotional needs in our animal friends.

Flower essences are liquid extracts made from a variety of individual flowers. They are given orally and can help with a variety of emotional issues such as anxiety, jealousy and aggression. Animals often exhibit behavioral changes in response to underlying emotional issues. Flower essences can help a pet to feel calm and focused by enhancing & supporting emotional well-being.

The best known flower essence product is Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a combination of five essences in combination. A few popular individual Flower Essences that work really well for pets, are:

For Jealousy

Holly, which is also suitable for those who show aggressiveness relating to past abuse.

For Grief & Homesickness

Honeysuckle for feelings of abandonment when left alone or at a kennel, and in combination with Star of Bethlehem for mourning an owner who has passed away.

For Exhaustion & Trauma

Olive and Star Of Bethlehem as well as Rescue Remedy.

For Fear

Aspen, especially very submissive pets who show nervousness in new situations.
Mimulus for fear of known things such as thunder or vet visits.
Rock Rose for terror.
Red Chestnut for worry that something bad is going to happen.

For Neediness

Chicory, especially for those who demand attention, easily feel jealous and when being left alone causes excessive upset.