If your dog has never tried our foods before, we recommend starting out slowly. Over a period of 1 to 2 weeks or so, start by adding just a small amount of the Honest Kitchen (with water added) into your dog’s current meals. Gradually increase the amount of the Honest Kitchen while decreasing the amount of your dog’s original diet.

The Honest Kitchen may be mixed in with your dog’s current dry kibble, canned, raw, etc. However, we do not suggest adding in other extra ingredients during the transition if you can avoid it, especially if your pup’s system is very sensitive. After you’ve successfully transitioned your dog to the new food, perhaps after 2-4 weeks or so, and they are doing well, then you may consider adding in extra ingredients or introducing another honest kitchen recipe, etc.

We recommend making the transition one step at a time. This allows the digestive system to slowly adjust and get it used to the new food. For pups that have a very sensitive GI, it may be a good idea to try adding in some of our herbal supplement, Perfect Form, during the transition.

Some dogs present a challenge simply because they are quite “hooked” on their current dry kibble or other lower-quality commercial pet food (often flavor-enhanced) and they seem to see no reason to accept something new, however healthy it may be for them. This is akin to a child who is used to eating McDonalds every day and is suddenly being expected to eat vegetables.

Here are some options to try if you find that your dog is being particularly stubborn. Feel free to experiment with your own ideas, too!

  • Try adding the new food into their old food slowly, just a spoonful at a time, or as suggested above.
  • Try mixing in a small amount of ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) with the food.
  • A very effective method is to try offering the food for just 30 minutes, whatever is not eaten within this period, pick it up, refrigerate, and serve it to them at the next feeding time. Healthy animals can fast for a day at a time with no harm. Note: If your dog is used to free-feeding, the first step will be to teach a new schedule of regular meal times.
  • Try rehydrating the honest kitchen with a low-sodium broth in replace of the water.
  • Try adding a spoonful of plain yogurt, cottage cheese, or a sprinkle of shredded cheese.
  • Try adjusting the texture of the food by increasing or decreasing the amount of water to make the food more or less soupy.