Sometime, dogs eat just a little too much – especially during the holidays. If your pup’s eyes were bigger than his belly, or seasonal stresses have caused some GI discomfort, the following homeopathic remedies might offer a little relief. Of course, as always, this advice is not a substitute for expert veterinary care.

Arsenicum Album is one of the first remedies to consider for vomiting or diarrhea, especially if your pet is restless, chilly or thirsty. Arsenicum is often indicated for food poinsoning or garbage eating.

Nux Vomica is the remedy of choice for over-eating, garbage poisoning and other toxic conditions. The patient may be irritable and chilly with painful vomiting and diarrhea.

Ipecac is recommended for vomiting caused by over-eating rich food.

Pulsatilla may be helpful for vomiting of undigested food several hours after eating. Pulsatilla patients often crave fresh air, and are sweet but needy and love to be petted.

Chamomilla is useful for irritable pets who suffer from greenish colored diarrhea.

Carbo. Veg. is homeopathic charcoal. This remedy is most often recommended for bloating and flatulence, especially where the stomach is very distended and the gums are bluish. The patient will typically seem weak and exhausted.

In addition to homeopathic remedies, a simple diet is helpful for cases of GI upset. Plain cooked oatmeal and lightly cooked turkey with pumpkin is a good home-made recipe to try for a temporary period of time (two to three days) and can help to bring relief. The addition of plain live-culture yogurt to the food, is also very helpful and can re-balance the digestive flora.

Herbs like Slippery Elm, as well as digestive enzymes such as Prozyme are useful additions to the diet during periods of GI upset. Our Perfect Form supplement, made with Slippery Elm, Papaya Leaf, Pectin, Fennel and more, helps to combat diarrhea, gas and colitis symptoms such as intestinal irritation and mucus in the stool.