Follow these dog safety tips so you and your pet have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

1. PUT THE TAGS ON – Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with his tags securely attached, all weekend. Is the contact info on the tag up to date? If you’re staying away from home, consider sticking a strong piece of adhesive tape on the tag, with a LOCAL phone number (perhaps the person you’re staying with), and / or your cell written on it. It could save valuable time and prevent an unwanted overnight stay in the shelter.

2. GET THE CRATE OUT – If your dog is crate trained but you don’t use it full time, consider pulling it out this weekend. The crate can ensure she’s extra safe, and unable to bolt, due to fear of the fireworks. A crate is especially useful if you’re taking your dog somewhere unfamiliar. If the crate’s not an option, make sure every door and window is very securely closed, with drapes drawn. Getting loose is one of the biggest dangers for a pet on July 4th.

3. STOCK UP ON BONES – A raw, juicy marrow bone can provide a couple of hours of contentment and much needed distraction for a dogs who’s being left alone, or getting stressed by firecrackers and other July 4th noises. If you aren’t comfortable with raw bones, consider an interactive toy such as those made by our friends at Planet Dog – you can stuff it with treats, cream cheese, peanut butter or even an Honest Kitchen meal.

4. THINK TWICE ABOUT PARTIES – Many of us feel better if our pooch is by our side, especially on a holiday weekend. But it’s worth thinking twice about whether to take him along to every party. He might feel more secure left at home in his own surroundings. Maybe a fellow party-goer has a dog who could come for a puppy play-date and keep yours company? If they get along well, two’s company – and they’ll likely provide some comfort to each other at an otherwise lonely or anxiety-inducing time.

5. CONSIDER CHAMOMILE – This tried and true herb can calm a s stressed pet, just as it does a person. Add a little chamomile tea, or our calming Quiet Tea, to a meal before you leave, to help her relax amid the noise of fireworks and revelers in the street outside. Leaving a TV or radio on can also help to alleviate anxiety, by drowning out the sounds of firework displays.

6. MONITOR MEALS – Make sure you know what your dog’s being fed by others (or stealing for himself). Parties can be a treasure trove of meat on dangerous cooked bones, scalding hot grills, poisonous alcohol and candies with the lethal sweetener, Xylitol.

7. HYDRATION'S VITAL - If you’re leaving your pet for a period of time, make sure there is PLENTY of fresh clean water available for the duration, so she doesn’t dehydrate. Adding ice cubes to the water bowl will keep it cooler, longer (our Ice Pups will make it extra special). Shade is equally important and of course, don’t expect Fido to spend time in a car.

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