More and more people are traveling with their pets nowadays, and more and more pet-friendly restaurants and hotels are springing up all over the country. The following is a list of some things to plan for and gather prior to hitting the road, trail, or air with your pet.

  • Call ahead to be sure you will not be turned away when you arrive, and check all regulations, (such as size of dog, requirements for kennels), most national parks allow dogs at campground, though keep in mind dogs are for the most part not allowed on hiking trails- even leashed!
  • Be sure to have all you dogs’ paper work together, esp. rabies certificate, create a new id tag for your dog with a local number or address of your destination.
  • If you are flying, you will need a current, no more then 10 days old, health certificate from a veterinarian.
  • If you are driving to either Mexico or Canada, a health certificate is also recommended, it would be best to contact border officials to be sure you have appropriate paper work.
  • For pet friendly destinations and ideas in all over the world, visit Fido Friendly Magazine online.
  • For your dog’s comfort, bring his food and water bowls, blanket or bedding, and any favorite toy that will comfort him and make him feel ‘at home’.
  • Remember to bring at least one leash, and be certain that you dog always has his ID tag on him at ALL times.
  • Rescue Remedy is almost a must for you and your dog(s), this is a flower essence, not a drug, that will help minimize stress in any situation, click here.

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