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  • Senior Dog Needs

    The general rule for determining average life expectancy is: the larger the dog, the shorter the life span. Small breeds age slower than large ones. So, while the average 50lb dog may live 10-12 years, the average Chihuahua may live for fifteen years or more.

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  • AutoImmune Disease in Dogs

    An Autoimmune Disease refers to the immune system’s inability to recognize a dog’s own body and, therefore, begins to attack and reject the body’s own tissues, labeling the tissue as foreign. This can be specific to one type of tissue or generalized.

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  • Pet Lethargy

    Lethargy is basically a decrease in activity and energy. It is a symptom of an underlying imbalance or health concern so it is essential to find the cause.

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  • Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

    Here are some Christmas holiday pet safety tips!

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  • How to transition your dog to the Honest Kitchen diet

    If your dog has never tried our foods before, we recommend starting out slowly. Over a period of 1 to 2 weeks or so, start by adding just a small amount of the Honest Kitchen (with water added) into your dog’s current meals. Gradually increase the amount of the Honest Kitchen while decreasing the amount of your dog’s original diet.

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  • Adding Extras

    It is actually advised for you to add in extra meats, veggies and fruits because if you keep any dog one food for a long period of time they can develop allergies. Also some dogs have trouble absorbing the nutrients from a specific ingredient where they may have no trouble absorbing it from another ingredient. For this reason, we suggest adding extras and switching between foods as much as possible.

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  • Getting Your Cat to Try a New Food

    Cats are notoriously finicky creatures of habit and it can be very challenging to persuade them to try something new. Here are a few tried-and-tested tips for transitioning your picky kitty to a new diet.

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  • Preventing Obesity in Our Pets

    In addition to over-feeding, over-treating and under-exercising, slightly overweight pets are becoming the new ‘normal’. In 2009, the APOP reported that veterinarians noted 44% of their dogs and cats patients were overweight – when just 17% of pet owners would have considered their pets overweight. That means only 40% of overweight pets have owners who, first, recognize there is a problem with their pets’ weight, and can take necessary, life saving measures.

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  • Dog and Cat Hair Loss

    Alopecia is the term for hair loss defined as the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. It may refer to hair that is lost where it once was or hair that fails to grow as it should. On our pets, this can occur on the head or anywhere on the body. Loss of hair usually results as a symptom of a larger imbalance.

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  • Pet Digestive Problems

    Many chronic digestive issues are related in some way to a food intolerance or sensitivity. Acute GI upsets can also be caused by stress, eating something bad out of the rubbish bin, drinking bad water, an abrupt change in diet, finding a special “treat” on a daily walk, etc. But, many pets have low-level food sensitivities, meaning their body has a mildly adverse reaction to a particular ingredient.

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