Beams Dog Treats

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Dog treats from pure, wild-caught Icelandic catfish skins dried into chewy sticks
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Pure Icelandic Catfish Skins

The Honest Kitchen Beams™ have become an instant best-seller as a natural dehydrated dog treat! They’re made from pure, wild-caught Icelandic Catfish* skins, from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks. Each Beams dehydrated dog treat is guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest of pups and is the perfect treat alternative to dried chicken snacks or bully sticks. Beams, like all our products, contain no ingredients from China!

Beams dehydrated dog treats are an excellent source of lean protein, are lower in fat and are a good source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Fish is an excellent treat for dogs who do better without common protein sources.

Beams dog treats come in two sizes - ‘Smalls’ are about 7 inches and ‘Talls’ are about 12 inches. Made with just one ingredient, they are grain-free and contain no fillers or artificial additives.

*Icelandic Catfish is a marine fish, which is different from domestic freshwater catfish found in the United States!

*We recently changed our packaging and your order may contain the previous version of our boxes.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Dehydrated catfish skin

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 88%
Fat, 4.0%
Fiber, 0.2%
Moisture, 8.0%


Beams Smalls, about 26 per stick
Beams Talls, about 39 per stick

Beams Dog Treats customer reviews

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158 reviews for beams dog treats view all

Written by VN | 1/30/15

My 13 year old sheltie LOVES these! Due to food allergies, he is now on a fish diet. He loved his beef chew treats so I had to find a replacement. These fish skin chews are perfect! Based on other reviewer suggestions, I freeze them so that each chew lasts longer and isn't as fishy smelling. Thanks HK!

Written by Stacy | 1/30/15

Both of my dogs go crazy for th fish beams. I hate the smell of fish,and these do smell fishy, but the happiness of my dogs trump the temporary smell. I double bag these otherwise the dogs hunt them down. When my Weimarmaner wouldn't kennel up I used these as his reward, I'm happy to say he goes in without any trouble now. A valuable treat for anyone's doggy snack cabinet.

Written by Abby | 1/24/15

We have a ginormous cat with a feral background who loves to chew *everything* - we were going a bit crazy, then the clerk at our local pet store suggested Beams...and they are a hit. Our cat loves to chew them, and it's an excellent redirect for him when he starts chewing power cords or books. Thank you for Beams!!!!

Written by Gretchen | 12/11/14

Are they stinky? YES. Is it worth it? YES!
My Heeler mix LOVES these treats. They take him about 5 minutes to eat, so it is good for his teeth and gums and makes a nice going away gift when I leave the house without him.

Unfortunately, my pitbull can't figure out how to eat it- he just chews it to a nasty pulp and leaves the mess in his kennel =(

Written by Sofie and DJ | 12/3/14

We are GSDs, our mom bought us some Beams - we just loooooove them. They are fishy smelling and taste great! Usually we only get them once every couple of days but if we are really good, mom gives us one each day. We would recommend that every dog should have Beams!

Written by Erica | 12/2/14

Highest value treat in my toolbox for even dogs whose owners swear their dogs arent food motivated! I just wish you could get them in bulk!

Written by Aleks and Bruno | 11/17/14

These treats are amazing!

When we first got Bruno, our terrier mix, he was recovering from a severe flea infestation and serious bites. He had a few scabs leftover and his coat was dull. The way I knew it was dull though was after a month on a daily Beams treat - his coat became so soft and shiny that I THEN realized it had been dull before. His skin was healed and he even grew some more hair on his tummy (which was bare before but I thought that's how it was supposed to be). Overall we loved those treats as they provided not only health benefits but also a long time of chewing pleasure, exercising and strengthening the jaw of the puppy.

Written by Nate | 11/5/14

My frenchton loves these! If you can get past the smell of the ocean they are a great healthy snack for your dog. She always knows when she is getting one because she can smell it. Never gets sick of them, Highly Recommended!

Written by Dezi | 11/5/14

My dogs LOVE beams! I was surprised about how long this treat lasted, while not a long lasting chew, it wasn't just chomp, chomp, gone like I expected. All of my dogs took their time to savor and actually chew their Beems. Stinky, fishy and highly recommended by the dags.

Written by Jen | 10/30/14

These are the one chew stick my dog still loves after having eaten a bunch of them. Everything else we have tried, she's interested for a bit, but then starts leaving them in the corner untouched. She also has food allergies, so it's great that these are only 1 ingredient.

Written by Sam | 10/28/14

Another great product. Love that they are only one ingredient. My dog is a very ambitious eater so they don't last long but it might keep a smaller dog busy for longer. Despite that, my dog loves them and they are healthy so it's a win-win!

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