Horoscope for the Hounds: Gemini
He likes it, he likes it not he must have forgot that beef is his favorite meal   Today he likes fish except, not in his dish served up on a plate that’s the deal   Tomorrow he’ll... more

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Building a Dog Friendly Backyard
Even the healthiest looking backyard can still hide a lot of dangers if you're not careful. A little work removing some things and adding others to the yard can transform the simplest of spaces into a doggie... more
Try FDA Human Grade Pet Food

Try Human Grade Pet Food

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Q&A with Dr. Judy Morgan on Indicators of a Healthy Pet
When a human member of our family is sick, we usually know it. But when our feline or canine family members aren’t well, things can get a little tricky considering their inability to talk—as well as an instinct to... more


Hope Gluten Free Dog Treats
We “hope” your dog will enjoy these homemade treats! Did you know that The Honest Kitchen is celebrating our biggest launch ever? This spring is bringing more than just fragrant blooms—new grain-free,... more

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Video: The Longest Runners in the World
Humans aren't the fastest animals in the world. There are cheetahs, horses, deer, bears...most animals are faster than humans in a sprint. But long distance is where humans humans take home the medal—the silver... more

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    Recognition for our Stance on Puppy Mills
    We were incredibly honored and very humbled this week, to receive a plaque from the Humane Society of the United States, in recognition of our policy of never allowing our products to be sold in stores that sell... more