Signs of Pet Cancer: Do You Know the Warning Symptoms?
Common Signs of Cancer In Pets: Difficulty eating or swallowing Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow Sores that do not heal Weight loss and/or loss of appetite Pet just not acting like... more

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7 Fun Dates Your Dog Will Love
Significant other. Best friend. Soul mate. If this is how you refer to your pet rather than, or maybe in addition to, another human, we’ve got seven ways to show it. Make some day a day to remember with these seven... more
Try FDA Human Grade Pet Food

Try Human Grade Pet Food

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Are You Ready to Foster a Dog?
You’ve seen the call-outs for volunteers from your local dog rescue. And you dream about taking in a pup that could really use a cozy bed to sleep in. But before you jump right in with fostering a dog, you'll want to... more


Gluten-Free Blueberry and Carrot Dog Treats
A little bit of blueberry goes a long way in this delicious dog treat recipe! Who says that gluten-free has to be boring? There’s nothing dull about these Gluten-Free Blueberry and Carrot Dog Treats. Along with a... more

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Videos: Some of the Best Animal Commercials (From the Super Bowl)
There are two reasons people watch the Super Bowl: the actual game, and the commercials. Personally, I'm in the commercial category, and this year didn't disappoint. We got some nonsense commercials, some funny ones,... more

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    Recognition for our Stance on Puppy Mills
    We were incredibly honored and very humbled this week, to receive a plaque from the Humane Society of the United States, in recognition of our policy of never allowing our products to be sold in stores that sell... more

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