Canine & Feline Osteosarcoma: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
There are many diagnoses that inflict fear upon pet owners that also greatly compromises a pet’s quality of life. Cancer likely tops of the list of such concerning health problems. Osteosarcoma is one of the worst... more

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Sarah Barnett and Dimitri
Rescuing Dimitri: An Adoption Story
Dimitri was rescued by The Humane Society of the United States in August 2012. Sarah Barnett, who works for HSUS, was aware of the case from the start. "Local law enforcement and organizations called HSUS to ask for... more
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5 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Safe at the Dog Park
Dog parks are a must when summer comes around. They're a great way to socialize your pup and help him burn off some extra energy. But before you pack up for a trip to the nearest dog park, make sure you read these... more


Chickpea Grain-Free Dog Treats
Chickpea flour is a versatile and healthy flour that bakes up perfect dog treats. A gluten-free favorite for bakers, chickpea flour is full of fiber and protein. You can use it in most grain-free recipes to give your... more

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Video: Scaredy Cat
No, this cat isn't watching a horror movie. He's just randomly sitting in a sink freaking out over his owner's hand. But it sure looks like he's scared to death of... more

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    An Update on Our Beams Treats
    We’re very sorry, but unfortunately, we’re experiencing a prolonged outage of our popular Beams® fish skin chews. At the present time, we will not be able to fill any orders for Beams® fish skins chews (Smalls or... more