Canine & Feline Heart Disease – Causes, Treatment & Prevention
The heart is one of the most important organs in the body as it provides oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues. Along with the brain, kidneys, lungs, and liver, the heart is considered one of the body’s vital... more

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What is a “Double Coat” on a Dog?
Does a double coat mean double the ease…or double the upkeep? Dog coats don’t just differ in terms of color, texture, and length. They can also be divided into two categories: single coat and double coat. Before... more
Try FDA Human Grade Pet Food

Try Human Grade Pet Food

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Helping Your Senior Dog Age Gracefully
When you first bring home that animated ball of fur, your puppy's antics bring you no end to laughter. There are challenges in training him; your patience is tried as he goes through the destructive chewing phase. But... more


Gluten Free Brave Banana and Coconut Dog Treats
Gluten Free Brave Banana and Coconut Dog Treats
A taste of the tropics in every delicious bite. Are you feeling brave? Brave enough to try this amazingly tasty dog treat recipe? Because Brave is made with MSC certified Pollock and organic coconut, we wanted to... more

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Video: Smart Dog Loves to Fetch
Ripley is one smart cookie. Puzzles, fetching, problem solving; she can tackle every obstacle in her way. Don't believe me? Watch her go and be... more

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    Meet Kayla, Product Specialist with The Honest Kitchen
    In honor of National Customer Service Week, we're introducing you to our amazing Customer Service Team so you can get to know the faces and names behind the phone calls and emails. Last but not least is our newest... more