Meet Willow: A Lovable Pooch Who Won’t Let HGE Keep Her Down
This health-minded owner changed her pet's diet to improve her quality of life. After establishing a relationship and building trust with her dog Willow, Cayelan Morris nearly lost her best friend to a gastrointestinal... more

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Why Do Dogs Howl?
You know the sound of a dog's howl. That drawn-out, melancholy, doleful noise that makes you picture a wolf, nose raised to the heavens, on a mountain top, mouth open, with a full moon lighting up the night sky. But... more
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Q&A with Feral Cat Expert Liz Palika
As we’re all aware, there are many cats living on the streets, in shelters and in rescues who need good homes. And there’s a good chance some of these kittens and cats are on the feral side. Adopting a feral... more


Cheese and Apple Gluten Free Dog Muffins
Muffins are marvelous when you add some cheddar cheese and apples! If your dog is intolerant to gluten, he or she often misses out on homemade treats. But you can make something your pooch will be begging for with... more

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Video: Dogs Acting Like They Want to Fight
If you and your neighbor both have dogs, you've probably witnessed something like this. When the barrier is up, it's nothing but barking and growling. But as soon as that barrier is gone, they either don't want... more

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    Recognition for our Stance on Puppy Mills
    We were incredibly honored and very humbled this week, to receive a plaque from the Humane Society of the United States, in recognition of our policy of never allowing our products to be sold in stores that sell... more

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