No Corn, Wheat, Soy, GMO

100% Human Grade

Just add water

Made in USA

Made with Dehydrated Whole Foods

No byproducts, preservatives

Grain Free Base Mix Dog Food


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• Free of grains, fruits and potatoes
• Low calorie, low fat
• Perfect for adult dogs & seniors
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7 lb box |
(makes 29 lbs)
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Product Description Kindly is a delicious base mix that skips out on fruits, potatoes and grains but still holds onto the healthy vitamins and minerals your sensitive hound needs. Just add water and your own choice of raw or cooked protein. It’s like making a home-cooked meal without all the prep work and never-ending dirty dishes.
Base-mix, just add meat to create a balanced diet.

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All ingredients dehydrated: Carrots, organic flaxseed, parsnips, peas, celery, organic coconut, pumpkin, chard, organic kelp, marjoram, garlic, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives.

Calories per Dry Cup 370
% Protein 13.5
% Fat 10
% Fiber 12.8
% Moisture 6.2

The Non-GMO project officially verified that this product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance.

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We started our 7 year old lab on Kindly about a month ago and so far, so good! He loves his new food - literally scarfs it down - and has had no issues adjusting to it. I'm curious to see how it will work for him in the long-term, but we've seen great short-term results.
I've had Airedales for 45 years. But THIS girl is the pickiest eater ever. She has gone up to
5 days without eating, and often just picks at her food.

I now give her Preference mixed with ground turkey or beef and she sits in the kitchen barking at me to go faster...This is the best!!!
I have two dogs: one that will eat everything, and the other who eats hardly anything.
They both absolutely love this food, and the picky one hates vegetables most of the time. The preparation is really easy, and it doesn't smell too bad. It kind of reminds me of some sort of vegetable soup or decent hospital food.
We have mixed this with his raw meat staple and he eats it all right, no mean feat for a picky Catahoula Leopard dog. (If you know the breed, you know.) Of course the real test is the quality of his, uh, output, and that has been fairly solid---but it is GREEN, suggesting that he's not absorbing some of the green vegetable content, and is excreting it out. But that's all right. It's nice to try a new food and not have it upset his stomach--so the ingredients must surely be as pure as promised. Good Job, Honest K!
My dog, Chloe, is has many food allergies. Kindly missed with meat is the only thing that has helped with her allergy problem. Allergies to chicken,white fish.,turkey,potatoes, wheat and grains.
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