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No Corn, Wheat, Soy, GMO

100% Human Grade

Just add water

Made in USA

Made with Dehydrated Whole Foods

No byproducts, preservatives

Chicken & Quinoa Dog Food

Thrive ®

recipe highlights

• AAFCO complete and balanced
• Made with only SIX ingredients
• Higher calories & protein; lower carb
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10 lb box |
(makes 40 lbs)
How long will a box last?
Product Description Cooked up with free-range chicken, organic fair-trade quinoa and other wholesome fare we’ve sourced from around the globe, Thrive is great for all types of hounds—but especially great for those who run more than walk. This recipe only has six ingredients, so it’s perfect for those with lots of different food sensitivities.

All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, organic quinoa, sweet potatoes, spinach, parsley, organic kelp, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

Calories per Dry Cup 516
% Calcium 1.24
% Carbohydrates 39.19
% Fat 19
% Fiber 6.3

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Not only was it almost impossible to get my JRT & Rat Terrier to eat kibble, I question the quality of even the expensive brands. The holistic vet we see suggested Honest Kitchen, it was the best food choice we could have made... they devour their meals now! Bonus: they have medicine that needs to be given with meals, before I couldn't give it to them with any regularity because they weren't eating right away. Now, I just break up their pills and mix it in with their food!
My Border Collie really loves this Honest Kitchen food! It shipped super fast too!!
My two morkies LOVE the whole Minimalist line products. Ever since I switched them over to Thrive, Marvel, and Brave, my babies always lick their bowls clean and want more. They used to be very picky on food and I had to hand feed them most of the time but not anymore!!! One of my babies has dry skin and gets dandruff and I can see an improvement. She still gets some dandruff but her coat is definitely more shiny!!! I took them to the vet for their annual check-up and I am very happy that they lost couple of pounds. Thank you THK!!! :)
Our 15-year old Labradoodle Coco is enjoying the transition to Thrive from her life-long diet of dry grain-free kibble. She's a little picky in her old age, but the chicken/quinoa dehydrated formula seems to be to her liking. Still mixing in a little kibble until it is gone. Digestion is excellent. Energy level is back up to nearly normal after a period of food indifference and declining energy over the past few months. The Honest Kitchen, as a company, is top notch with a terrific product line. Coco also is addicted to Beams catfish skins as her go-to snack. It's a perfect taste treat and 100% healthy. We get terrific mileage with the Beams by cutting into small pieces and making snack-time a big event. Quick tip: when some tiny bits of Beams are strewn on the counter after cutting, I toss them in the Thrive bowl. Adds a little taste enhancement; nothing is wasted.
Despite not really having any complaint about my dogs' (Mini-aussie sheperds) previous food (Wellness Senior despite non-seniors, long story, wrong place), I tried
the food, 1st as samples, then this one (chicken Thrive) as the dogs' more enthusiastic "choice". Still mixing with the previous combination Wellness Senior and Nupro Joint - worry about recalls, and previous dogs with knee problems. They've now been on the mixture of foods a few months - wanted to wait for a good period, fair review.

It *seems* that their coats have gotten even softer than before, even (especially?) the outer coats. Also somewhat thicker & fuller, but am so far south this is actually not a good thing.. Stools (uck, but still) have hardened up from previous perennial semi-diarrhea.

The elder of the 2 dogs (6 yrs) still prefers her Wellness kibble, but the younger (3 yrs) prefers Revel. So I split meals; morning is kibble/joint additive, evening is mostly Revel with joint additive and a little kibble.

Website is very good, though I purchase through Amazon for boxes -- I'm an Amazon Prime member anyway, it's very very convenient. But, I originally got samples direct, very quick & prompt.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the products; so have the dogs. Cats, not so much, but they're cats, what can we expect?
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