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  • Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet

    Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet

    Learn how nutrition is the cornerstone of your dog and cat's health and how diet is related to illness. Explore food allergies, dental health as well as the good, the bad and the ugly of pet food ingredients.

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  • Feed Your Pet Proper Food

    Little Book of Proper Food

    Enjoy this fun booklet that shares some things we'd love you to know about who the Honest Kitchen is and what we do - including what proper pet food is and why you should feed it! Learn more about our history, values and crazy commitment to animals.

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  • New Pup Pack

    New Pup Pack

    This booklet is designed to help you understand some of the basics of feeding a natural diet to your new friend, and help you with some of the decisions you will make about your dog’s long-term health and care.

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  • Honest Kitchen Products Overview Chart

    Products Overview Chart

    Compare all of our foods in one easy chart. Evaluate nutrients, appropriate life stages and food sensitivities across all of our pet food recipes to determine which is the right mix for your cat or dog.

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  • Honest Kitchen Product Guide Brochure

    Product Guide Brochure

    Similar to our Product Overview Chart above, this brochure compares the nutrients and recipes of all of our diets. It also includes all of the ingredient list for our foods, treats and supplements along with more details about preparing our food.

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