July 20, 2011

I’m a Canine Behavior and Nutrition Specialist in Oakville, Ontario Canada. On the nutrition side, I teach people how to make home prepared food, supplements, and how to manage/eliminate food and environmental allergies in their dogs. Because I work with so many allergy cases where the owner is not necessarily keen on home prepared food, I am constantly researching kibbles and commercial diets that I deem fitting for dogs with health issues, and that are also from responsible companies promoting healthy, human grade ingredients.

I’ve known about HK for a long time now, but being in Canada, I’ve rarely seen any products in stores. I’ve recently been doing Allergy Afternoons (free consults for customers) at Bark & Fitz pet store in High Park, Toronto. The area is known throughout Ontario for being extremely dog friendly, and on an average weekend you’d think you were at a dog show just walking down the street! In May, I discovered that the store was carrying your new line of dehydrated foods. I literally jumped for joy!! I have never, in my entire career with dogs, encountered a company as reputable, transparent and committed to good food for dogs as HK is!! I am absolutely thrilled to see your line being carried in stores in Ontario, and have recommended it to many clients already. I make every effort to provide unbiased advice to my clients, and therefore I do not sell any product, but I must say that if I ever were to compromise that and begin selling food, I would do it for Honest Kitchen!!

My own dog, Toby the Boxer, is practically allergic to himself. I won’t go into details, but I have been feeding him the Zeal and the Embark over the past couple of months, and he is doing extremely well on it. I am so pleased with the results – though knowing the quality that Honest Kitchen is known for – I am not surprised that he’s taken to it so well, and that his body shows how good this food is for him.

Ultimately, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for doing what no other dog food company has really ever been able to do – provide quality, human grade, well balanced and varied ingredient food in a form that is easy for customers to use, affordable, and available. I always say – your dog is the ultimate advisor on whether a food is good for him, and I will never question whether a client’s dog will do well on your food. You are truly an admirable company, and I wish you the very best in future – and hope you provide these products forever!!! It means the world to me, to my wonderful dog, and of course – to my clients!! You are doing for the dog world what no one else has done yet!!

Kind regards,

Erica Garven CPDT-KA
The Dog's Assistant