November 20, 2009

Lucy Postins had a crazy idea that dogs needed to eat nutritious, clean food and she set about figuring out how to feed a dog with ingredients that were healthy, fresh and even "people safe" at a time when there was NO awareness about pet food quality or ingredients.

The prevailing beliefs were "if they'll eat it, it's good enough." For me, Lucy embodies the admirable example of doing something right, something you believe in, whether it makes total sense to others or not.

"We are what we eat" is a motto I have tried to impress upon everyone in how they look at their dogs' dinner bowls - Lucy led the way through a very dark tunnel that only she saw as a lighted pathway - at a time when the idea of human-grade, raw, dehydrated food was more an object of disbelief and ridicule than the respect and admiration it has eventually won her.

The Honest Kitchen has even had a positive influence on pet parents, who are themselves looking at reducing highly processed, high carb foods out of their own diets when they see how much better it is for their pooches."

- Tracie Hotchner
Author, Pet Nutritionist and Radio Host