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Grace Cat Food

The Honest Kitchen Grace cat food is made with cage-free turkey and eggs as well as produce like parsley, a little pumpkin and dandelion greens. With almost 70% meat, Grace grain-free, gluten-free cat food is ideal for all ages of cats, particularly those who need a diet without gluten. Our office kitties think it’s the best cat food yet! Grace dehydrated cat food is high in moisture and can be used in place of homemade or canned cat food diets.

The Honest Kitchen Grace is good for cats who:
♥ Can’t have grains or gluten
♥ Prefer turkey
♥ Need a high moisture, high protein diet

our food is dehydrated

Calories Per Dry Cup: 629
Protein 38.50%
Fat 34.50%
Carbohydrates 14.00%
Life Stage Highly Active
Less Active / Senior
Kittens / Nursing
Recipe Highlights Higher Calories
High Protein
Grain Free
Gluten Free

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


All ingredients dehydrated: Turkey, eggs, pumpkin, potatoes, parsley, chard, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

how much to feed each day

dehydrated cat food

Our foods must be hydrated with water before serving, but you can add slightly more or less water than we suggest, according to your cat's taste. Refrigerate or discard any leftovers. Learn more about how to make our foods >

Cats can be slow to try something new. Click here to learn how to transition your cat to a new food and also find some tips for those especially picky kitties!

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Grace Cat Food customer reviews

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93 reviews for grace cat food view all

Written by Byren | 10/5/15

Our cats (all four of them!) absolutely LOVE this food and fight to be the one to clean all the bowls. The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I find the herbs are not always well ground. There are often large pieces that my cats refuse to eat--same deal with the chunky cranberries. They just don't care for it and frequently leave the berries in the bowl.

Written by Mary | 9/26/15

My rescue kitten is affected with the Herpes virus and will need all the help he can get, all his life to stay healthy. Even when I mix his Lysine with his food he still prefers Grace to any other food. I even gave him a can of an expensive brand cat food... and he sat by it and cried until I mixed him up some Honest Kitchen. If I leave the dry powder sitting while I wait for the water to get warm, he will even start to lick up the powder. He is more impatient than the dogs when it comes to getting his Honest Kitchen... he loves Grace!

Written by Larisa | 9/18/15

The only reason I am not rating the Grace cat food five stars is because my two "senior citizens" love the Prowl even more! They can tell from anywhere in the house when I open either, and magically materialize just before the three-minute timer goes off to serve it. They were never difficult eaters, but they began getting peaky and picky and dropping weight while boarded at a wonderful kennel after a sudden move from the house we'd lived in all their lives. We tried samples of many many kinds of food to see what they would be happy with--THK is IT! They clean the bowl and look for more. but it doesn;t upset their stomachs when they eat so quickly, like wet food always seems to. It is easy for older cats to eat, and my two have nice glossy coats and hae added weight back. We gave them the Grace first and thought we'd cracked it, but we also had sample sizes of Prowl, and BOY! They prefer that even more enthusiastically.

Written by Patricia | 9/15/15

My 7 month old kitten loves the Grace turkey food. He was originally on Science Diet from the breeder, after doing some reading I felt The Honest Kitchen would be a better quality of food for him. He transitioned no problems, and goes crazy when I grab the box of food. I even feed my dog The Honest Kitchen dog food, his coat is so soft. Very happy with the product.

Written by Sandra | 8/20/15

I bought the 3oz tester to give to my cat. He seems to tolerate it well enough, doesn't seem too bothered by the texture (a bit soup-like). This Turkey one (Grace) was a bit more soupy than the Chicken one (Prowl), which may be because Prowl has a bit more carbs than the Grace. I don't quite understand the need for whole pieces of berry in the food, as cats are carnivores, but my kitten seems to eat them without too much of a fuss.

Based on the nutrient profile provided on this site, it looks like 3oz dry of Grace would be around a day's meal for my kitten. With water added, I've estimated that it'd be about 6ozs of food, at around 230kcals give or take, which is a similar amount to a regular 6oz can of wet food. This is good to hear because high-quality cat wet foods can be lower in calories at 100 to 130kcal a 6oz can, which means having to feed more for the kitty to sustain their weight.

I will include this food in the rotation, and may use this food as a topper to add into other high-quality (but low calorie) wet food. I like that I can serve this warm, as I can't do that with canned wet food, which I serve either at room temp or fridge temp. The price is decent/the same next to other comparable brands/quality. Seems like good food all around, if your cat will eat it.

Written by Ashley | 8/14/15

The cat I got it for wouldn't touch it after several tries. The cat the eats everything (popcorn, broccoli, tortilla chips, you name it) wouldn't eat it either! That shocked me, because he has always eaten any cat food I have given him without hesitation, he even eats the dog's food if given the chance. Glad I only got a sample.

Written by M. Mystery | 8/9/15

My husband and I fed this to our cats, until we went full raw. However, we constantly keep a box in the pantry! It's great to have on hand 'just in case'. In the winter, in case a raw food shipment is delayed due to weather. Or it's used if one of our cats needs help with constipation. They all love the taste, and it has a decent shelf life. Other great features include high protein content (cage free as well!), and that the veggies are well-sourced. A genius product, and we are grateful to have it as a backup!

Written by Kyleigh | 8/3/15

I think the product is fantastic! I got this to try on my mothers to cats. Boo will eat anything and Max is a little bit pickier. I think they are confused by the consistency.

Written by Pam | 8/1/15

Kirby was not interested in what was in his bowl so I dipped my finger in it and gave him a taste. THEN he was more interested and ate some of it. He's pretty picky so I don't know if he will warm up to it more, but I hope so. He has no teeth because he had stomatitis but that doesn't stop him from "Hoovering" kibble and treats. He usually only eats half of a small can of Weruva Grandma's Chicken Soup (really the only thing I've found up until now that he will eat ANY of). I want him to get more hydration so am going to keep trying with The Honest Kitchen and see how he does.

Written by Cheri | 7/20/15

My cats were not so sure about this food in the beginning. Knowing this was a healthier food then the canned stuff I kept trying. Now they love it. I have noticed a big difference in the coats and energy levels. My cat that needed to lose a little weigh has. I have an older cat that can't have dried food because he becomes dehydrated is doing great on this food.

Written by Anita | 7/10/15

If you are feeding kibble, it may take some time and effort to transition your cats to a better food!
Kibble is highly addictive. Breaking the addiction to the yucky and over-processed ingredients in kibble and the habit of free feeding, often takes time and patience. Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM gives a LOT of transition suggestions/help on her website.

I prefer to feed a variety of raw, and it doesn't get any easier than Honest Kitchen foods!

I make a 4lb box at one time. I then freeze meal size portions for 6. The cats absolutely LOVE this food, and I feel good including it in our rotation schedule.

Thank you Honest Kitchen!

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