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Holiday Quickies

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Quickies Holiday - 2 oz Tubes

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Quickies Holiday - 6 x 2 oz Tubes

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Holiday Quickies

Introducing Holiday Edition Quickies!

Have your pups been extra good this year? Treat them well with our limited-edition Holiday Quickies!

These festive treats make the perfect stocking-stu­ffer for pups who deserve the purest, most delicious treats this holiday season! Made with just 1 ingredient, Dehydrated Haddock. Grain-free, no fillers or by-products.

Available in cases, should your pups like to send presents to their boyfriends and girlfriends!

Last day to order Holiday Quickies is December 18, 2013!

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7 reviews for holiday quickies view all

Written by Cindy | 12/13/13

These one-gulp treats are perfect for training anything that needs quick dispensing, multiple times, such as heeling, or rally, or agility. I always have trouble with my hands holding a lot of treats, and smooth delivery. The texture is firm, the smell is appealing. Dogs LOVE them. And, I REALLY appreciate the pure ingredient, fish, for one dog who has a very limited diet and needs a cooling food, fish.

Written by Oliver | 12/12/13

Treat size is smaller than I had anticipated, but even for a big dog they're a hit. My dog loves the fish ingredient, I love that it's the only ingredient! Agree with other reviews, it's a great training treat.

Written by Anne | 12/2/13

These are marvelous to use as training treats especially in our Nose Work class. We need to reward the dog quickly and CLEANLY, no crumbs allowed on the floor near the odor source. Even for my small Cavalier, each Quickie is small enough for him to eat it quickly and firm enough that it does not crumble even in my pocket. I'm not thrilled with the cover as it is not easy to open and close with one hand but we love everything else about it!

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Dehydrated haddock

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 83.5%
Fat, 0.85%
Fiber, 0.75%
Moisture, 11.85%


1.1 calorie per treat