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Why Choose Pet Food that’s Human Grade?

human grade dog and cat food

We think pets deserve to eat like people! We’re not talking pavlova and brie, of course, but ‘people quality’ food is actually a much healthier, safer and more conscientious choice for our animal friends. Being ‘Human Grade’ is a really important distinction for the quality and integrity of a pet food product, and here’s why!

Being Human Grade, means that foods are fit for human consumption (otherwise termed ‘food grade’ or ‘edible’, as legally defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)* and FDA). It means clean, pristine ingredients that are free of harsh, dangerous chemical preservatives and fillers, and provides and an assurance that the food has been manufactured, packed and held in accordance with federal regulations for human food.

‘Regular’ pet food is classed as ‘Feed Grade’, because it’s unfit for human consumption as a result of the ingredients it contains or the place, or way, it has been made. Our products are actually made from the exact same ingredients that are also sourced by food companies, and so we have FDA approval to use the term ‘Human Food Grade’ on our labels.

And because our pet foods are 100% truly, really, and honestly human food grade, we can actually taste them ourselves. Which means we get to walk our talk, stand behind (and try) everything we make, and make sure it’s all just right. This is what we stand for. Make an educated choice about what your pup or kitty deserves!

*Claims on animal foods should not be false or misleading. A claim that something is "human-grade" or "human-quality" implies that the article being referred to is "edible" for people in legally defined terms. The terms "human grade" or "human quality" have no legal definition. When one or more human edible ingredients are mixed with one or more non-human edible ingredients, the edible ingredients become non-human edible. To claim that a product composed of USDA inspected and passed chicken, plus poultry meal, which is not human edible, plus other ingredients is made with human-grade chicken is misleading without additional qualification and disclaimers in the claim because the chicken is no longer edible. Thus, for all practical purposes, the term "human grade" represents the product to be human edible. For a product to be human edible, all ingredients in the product must be human edible and the product must be manufactured, packed and held in accordance with federal regulations in 21 CFR 110, Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food. If these conditions exist, then human-grade claims may be made. If these conditions do not exist, then making an unqualified claim about ingredients being human grade misbrands the product.- http://www.petfood.aafco.org/labelinglabelingrequirements.aspx#human_grade

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