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Ice Pups Treats - Discontinued

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Please note these treats have been discontinued and are no longer being sold
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**Please note these treats have been discontinued and are no longer being sold**

Ice pups™ homemade pet treats are make-at-home grain free treats for both dogs and cats. Serve them as a frozen or warm broth homemade treat.

Ice Pups grain free dog treats and cat treats come as a powdery mix that requires water to be added but can be served three ways! During the winter months, add warm water to make a nourishing broth that tastes divine. Ideal after playing in the snow! In the summer, add warm water and chill or serve over ice. You can also freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, puppy-sorbet!

Ice Pups frozen dog treats and cat treats are a delicious way to ensure your dogs or cats are getting the moisture they need and are an easy way to increase their fluid intake if needed.

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Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Dehydrated chicken, turkey, whey, dandelion, asparagus, watercress, honey and parsley

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 43.70%
Fat, 35.52%
Fiber, 0.90%
Moisture, 4.66%

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Written by Sandra | 7/24/15

Ice Pups were our first Honest Kitchen experience. Our favorite supplier gave us a free sample when my boys were in their puppy stage. They love them! I make a ice cube tray of them adding a few slices of carrot or Apple before freezing. In summer I make them in small plastic bowls as a bigger iced treat on hot days. I admit I tried to replicate it with chicken broth, etc. however, they were not fooled. I'd find chunks melting all around. There is no substitute for Honest Kitchens Ice Pups!

Written by Scott | 6/27/15

With summer here, this is a great treat for Vader. Cools him down after a nice brisk walk at the park! He loves it!

Written by Tonya | 6/5/15

My four-year-old Brittany LOVES this stuff. Any time I need to make sure she either gets or stays hydrated, Ice Pups is my go-to. I don't think she has ever turned it down.

Written by Judi | 3/27/15

Very sad to see these go. Great idea and our Aussies love them.

Written by Margaret | 1/6/15

Ice pups is an amazing product. I love that I can serve it hot or cold. We live in the South... So while it's doesn't get super cold, it will get pretty hot. Max's favorite way to eat it is frozen. We used to freeze milk for him, but I like this better because it's more nutritious. The warm is also a great option for colder days when we have to go out for the potty.

Written by cynthia | 1/2/15

My chihuahua mix dog just adores this treat! It is so versatile to incorporate into his diet. I often use it to rehydrate his food, make smoothies for him, freeze into trays, use in treat recipes instead of water, or just as is for a delicious broth. Thank you THK for making such a lovely and healthy treat!

Written by Zachary | 10/31/14

MY pomeranian LOVED the ice pups we got for him the other week. Each bag made 4 ice cubes using a bigger ice cube tray, and he literally does not lift his head while devouring one of these ice pups! They are a healthy great treat for summer, or any time since we live where it's hot :) What a great way to hydrate your pup as well as giving them a healthy treat!

Written by Peter | 10/18/14

Ice Pups are fantastic!!! Piper loves eating ice cubes, whether it's hot out or not...and she's so cute when she plays with them! When a friend of mine told me about these, I just HAD to get them for her, and she loves them!!! It's become sort of a routine....she can't wait to do whatever tricks she must to get her paws on them! And they're perfect for a hot summer day

Written by Yow-Ning | 10/5/14

My dog loves ice pups! I like being able to serve it hot in the winter because dogs can't really get hot food otherwise. My little dachshund also enjoys the tasty ice cubes it produces and the limited ingredients are definitely a plus!

Written by Eleanor | 8/21/14

My 14 month old puppy turned his head and wanted nothing to do with these ice pops. Very disappointing.

Written by Brad | 8/20/14

These are a great healthy alternative to the less-than-wholesome ingredients found in other frozen dog treats. They also are versatile in that they can be served warm or frozen. We usually freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and serve them on hot days, and they are much more appealing and nutritious for our furry friends than a plain ice cube. Frosty woof!

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