Health benefits of dehydrated pet foods

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Food as medicine

Several of the top reasons that cats and dogs are taken to the vet are often directly related to the foods they eat. Many of their ailments disappear when they start eating a fresh, minimally processed diet like the Honest Kitchen's dehydrated pet food.
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Health benefits of dehydrated food seen by our customers

Our customers are regularly surveyed on the health benefits of dehydrated food on their pets and the results are amazing! Below are the results from our 2014 annual benchmarking survey including 5,251 respondents who feed the Honest Kitchen to their pets:

Pet health benefits seen by Honest Kitchen customers

Overall Health - Let food be the medicine! Most medical problems need the diagnosis and treatment of a veterinarian, but it’s surprising how many common ailments are linked to diet. Healthy, fresher, colorful whole food really can be the change that pets need – not because of a magic ingredient – just simply eliminating junk ingredients like fillers, preservatives and by-products can make a huge difference – and might even save some money in vet bills along the way. Read more about the benefits of holistic dog food and how it can improve your pet's health.

Digestion - The benefits of health dog food are found particularly in the digestive tract. Many customers report that long term GI problems like diet-related diarrhea and colitis resolve when they begin to feed healthier, minimally-processed food. Read more about how diet can help pet digestion problems.

Skin and Coat - Since the skin and coat are often the only visible, outward reflections of how a pet’s feeling on this inside, a shiny coat and the resolution of skin problems like itching and hot spots are a benefit of dehydrated food. Read more about how diet can help skin and coat problems.

Ear Infections - Many dogs suffer with chronic ‘ear infections’ and a buildup of smelly, yeasty ‘debris’ in the ears. Most people don’t realize how closely linked these problems are to diet – and as a result many pets end up on medications like steroids and antibiotics for years on end without a true ‘cure’ ever taking place. Often, a natural, whole food grain-free diet like dehydrated pet food is just the ticket for the road to trouble-free ears. Read more about how diet can help ear infections.

Bodyweight - Pet obesity is a huge problem. Literally! Of course, exercise is a critical part of the puzzle but portion control and a biologically appropriate diet are essential too. Because we don’t use simple, sugary refined carbohydrates many pets will see the benefits of dehydrated food and naturally slim down to just the right bodyweight, without even noticing. Read more about how the benefits of a healthy dog food can help fight pet obesity.

Wellbeing and Energy Levels - Pets just seem to have more pep when they eat good wholesome food! We think it’s a bit like the light, energized feeling we get after a smoothie or steamed veggies, compared with the heavy, sluggish feeling after the junk-pet-food-equivalent of TV dinners or greasy burgers!

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