September 4, 2013

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It sounds barking mad but one woman is so confident in her company's brand of dog food she even EATS the dog's dinner - to make sure it tastes just right.

Human taste tester Lucy Postins not only samples every individual ingredient that goes into the food but even chows down on the final product too.

British Lucy, 38, insists on all the recipes being made in a human food facility instead of a pet food rendering plant, and then tests for the likes of flavour, aroma and colour which is an indication of freshness.

Her company The Honest Kitchen was the first pet food manufacturer to achieve a 'human grade' rating from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) which means the final product is legally allowed to be described as 'human grade' on the product labels.

The dog food - which includes everything from free range chicken, ranch-raised beef and sweet potatoes to eggs, bananas and even dandelion greens - is carefully blended before being mixed with water by the buyer to help bring the mixture together.

CEO Lucy, whose family includes two pet Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a Pug in San Diego in California, USA, said: "There are a lot of people who think their pets are inferior and don't deserve quality food.

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