July 9, 2013

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While you can’t force Fido or Fluffy to go vegan, you can throw the planet a bone when feeding them. We tracked down five of the best dog and cat foods to shrink your pet’s environmental pawprint.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, a holistic veterinarian and pet blogger in Los Angeles, recommends grain-free Grace from the HONEST KITCHEN. "Cats," he says, "are obligate carnivores and don't benefit from the heavily grain-based diets on most store shelves." Ingredients include (among other human-grade goodies) free-range chicken and eggs, organic flaxseed, and sweet potatoes, spinach, and cranberries—all without GMOs. It comes as a powder (just add water before serving), which helps control Fluffy's portion size—stemming what Mahaney calls the "feline obesity epidemic"—and lessens shipping and packaging waste. The unbleached paper box is made from recycled materials and, like everything else from Honest, is made in North America.