March 13, 2014

San Diego, Calif. (March 12, 2014) - The Honest Kitchen, a producer of healthy, natural, human grade pet food products, redesigned its iconic packaging. The new packaging made its debut at the Global Pet Expo in Florida, March 12th to 14th 2014, and will hit store shelves at the end of March.

“We wanted the packaging to evoke a very natural, culinary look and feel to play up the beautiful ingredients we use in our human grade foods,” stated Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen’s founder and CEO. “We’re placing a heavy emphasis on the meat or fish source in each recipe, more clearly defining the life stage, and differentiating the grain-free from whole-grain diets, to help shoppers more easily select the recipe that’s right for their pet.”

The Honest Kitchen is also rolling out a smaller 2 lb trial box in their bestselling recipes; Force®, Embark®, Love™ and Keen®. Each 2 lb box will make 8 lbs of real food when hydrated.

The Honest Kitchen is the only pet food company in the U.S. to have received a statement of no objection from the FDA, to use the term Human Grade on its product packaging, because the foods are made with human edible ingredients, in a human food production facility.

The Honest Kitchen’s pet foods are dehydrated, which results in a compact, nutrient-dense finished product. By removing just the water from fresh foods, the company’s finished products are colorful and actually contain real, recognizable pieces of the raw ingredients, packed with most of the goodness that nature provided. Pet owners just add warm water, to make a real-food meal in about three minutes, and because the food is so concentrated, a 10lb box will actually yield 40lbs of food when hydrated, and will last a 30lb dog up to six weeks.

The company collaborated with long-time partner Bulldog Drummond (San Diego, CA) to create the new design concepts. Hand-painted illustrations of the company’s ingredients and also Honest Kitchen employees’ own pets, which adorn the new boxes, were created by illustrator Natalya Zahn and the production and file preparation work was completed by Jen Cadam Design.