July 24, 2013

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Not unlike humans, healthy eating on the road for dogs and cats is a challenge. Kibble and canned food offer instant gratification, but just like processed human food that’s been put in a can or crunchy bag, these are perhaps not the healthiest food options.

The Honest Kitchen offers dogs and cats minimally processed, nutrition-packed foods made from whole food ingredients. Fresh, human-grade ingredients are not unlike the ingredients you may feed your own family: cage-fee turkey, wild & line-caught Icelandic haddock, USDA-inspected beef, wild salmon, certified organic oats and rye, cranberry, apples, papayas, spinach, green beans,sweet potatoes, cabbage, alfalfa, organic kelp, basil, parsley, chicory… yum!

These healthy ingredients are dehydrated and combined to create nutritionally balanced meals. Dehydration removes only water and volume, thus making the food shelf stable and portable. Nutrition is not sacrificed in the dehydration process, making The Honest Kitchen pet foods closer to whole, fresh food.

Why eat minimally processed food? As with humans, you are what you eat. That said, a diet of fresh, minimally processed food like The Honest Kitchen has benefits.

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