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About our Nutrient Profiles

Download a one sheet nutrient overview of our dog foods and our cat foods.

You’ll notice that we show three separate profiles for each of our dog and cat foods. The first is an ‘as-received’ profile, which pertains to the food as it comes out of the box – dehydrated, but still with a small amount of natural moisture present. This corresponds with the amount shown on the box, in the guaranteed analysis.

The second profile is calculated on a ‘dry-matter’ (D.M.) basis. This means that the natural moisture in the dehydrated product has been completely factored out. Dry Matter Basis doesn’t relate to how the food actually is, but calculates it into a format where it can more easily be compared with other diets, on a DM basis – so that you can compare apples to apples.

The third profile is ‘as-fed’ and indicates the nutritional values of our food after rehydration, when the water has been added to re-constitute it before serving. Note, as an example, that while the protein percentage will be reduced, because water has now been added, the actual grams of protein that your pet will eat, are still the same but they have been ‘diluted’ as a percentage of the total meal because of the water.

If we use thrive as an example:

Thrive Dog Food Nutrient Profile

Thrive is about 26% protein ‘as received’ which calculates to 28.27% protein on a DM basis and just over 13% protein, as-served.

A dry-measured cup of Thrive, as-received, weighs about 115 grams. Of this, about 30 grams is protein. Those 30 grams of protein are still present in the food after water has been added to re-constitute it – although the cup of food rehydrated food now weighs about 230 grams (and is 2 cups by volume).

To help keep the protein percentages in perspective, we can look at something like pure beef brisket and see that it is 18% fat. www.nutritiondata.com and USDA Nutrient Database are excellent resources for looking up the nutritional values of thousands of different foods.

Download a nutrient profile PDF of our dog foods:


Download a nutrient profile PDF of our cat foods:


*Sorry, we’re only human! Once in a while, there’s a tiny typo on something we produce, or we’ve amended a recipe! These are very few and far between but in the event of a discrepancy between numbers, our web site will show the most up to date information and other literature or packaging will be corrected at the next printing. If in doubt, feel free to call us!