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Made Out of Love is a pet recipe book packed with more than 65 recipes of homemade dog and cat food and treat recipes that you can prepare for (and some to actually share with) your animal companions. Some recipes include Honest Kitchen products and many are simply made from ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen.

There are recipes to cook and some to serve raw, as well as a special section on ‘medicinal meals’ for special needs pets and, of course, a chapter exclusively for cats. Made Out of Love also includes lots of beautiful photographs of finished recipes, raw ingredients and some of our canine taste testers.

Made Out of Love is a great addition to your culinary bookshelf and also makes a perfect gift!

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Written by Chancy | 8/3/14

I just got this cookbook as a gift and can't believe how easy it is to make great food for your pets. My dogs are the healthiest they have ever been. They are in their 9th year of life and aren't slowing down one bit. Honest Kitchen has provided me with the food and the knowledge to keep my dog family complete for a very long time. I am forever grateful. I hope more pet owners find your products.

Written by jana | 6/3/14

When I got this cookbook I threw away the other 32 I had. I could not believe how comprehensive and educational this book is! I find myself using it 1-3 times a week, after having it a few years! The fact that many of the recipes are for pets AND their owners thrills me, I turn on my crock pot and have a meal literally for the whole family - and it's delicious! The biscuits are great, cold meals for summer, warm stews for whenever I want to have a big batch ready. The nutritional nuggets of wisdom at the bottoms of the pages are so helpful. I HIGHLY recommend this be your go to book!

Written by Paul | 1/5/14

The Dogs love the recipes in the book. The Muffins are by far their favorite.

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