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Dog Sample Bundle

Natural dog food samples

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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Try a sample bundle!
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Adult Dog Sample Pack

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Puppy Sample Pack

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Adult Cat Sample Pack

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White Potato Free Dog Sample Pack

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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Try out one of our cat food and dog food samples!

Dog Food Samples for Adults - A sample of Force (grain-free chicken), Keen (turkey & oats) and our best-selling digestive supplement Perfect Form
Grain-Free Dog Food Samples for Puppies/Active Adults - A sample of Embark (grain-free turkey), Love (grain-free beef) and our best-selling digestive supplement Perfect Form
Grain-Free Cat Food Samples for Adults - A sample of Prowl (grain-free chicken), Grace (grain-free turkey) and our best-selling digestive supplement Perfect Form
White Potato-Free Dog Food Samples - A sample of our dog recipes that do not include white potato: Thrive (quinoa & chicken), Zeal (grain-free fish) and Preference (a base mix that requires protein added)

Please note that samples included may change based on availability. Sorry - the limit is one of each variety per customer! Our natural dog food samples are subject to shipping charges. While supplies last.

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Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.

Natural dog food samples customer reviews

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74 reviews for natural dog food samples view all

Written by Martina | 9/7/14

Just bought Keen and my Goldendoodle loves it!!!

Written by Robert | 9/3/14

we started with the Honest Kitchen sample pack and wow my 6 month old German Shepherd loved it she couldn't get enough the bowl was licked clean and then she wanted more. So we switched her over to the Honest Kitchen food and each morning and evening feeding time she waiting for her food and the bowl is always cleaned.

Written by Megan | 9/1/14

It came really fast and was easy to incorporate into the meals. My dog ate it up! LOL

Written by DeLaney | 8/31/14

The Puppy Sample Pack has been GREAT for my active, working Labrador! She enjoyed the Perfect Form Supplement and the food samples were eaten quickly! I just add it to her raw meals and she loves her meals even more! Definitely will be adding Honest Kitchen to my four Labradors' meals now, it gives me comfort to know that what they are eating is truly healthy and benefiting them as well.

Written by Nicole | 8/29/14

My cat gets super excited about wet food. Needless to say, he was begging for more by the time he was done! Like my dog, it took no time at all for him to finish his food, where normally there are leftovers in the dish. A GREAT product!

Written by Nicole | 8/29/14

I was a little hesitant after seeing the mixture, but my dog seems to LOVE it.... within a minute his food is gone and he is ready to play!

Written by Jim | 8/24/14

Jazz loved the sample packs.

Written by Pa | 8/23/14

My dog is a picky eater so in the past year I have left her food on the ground so she could graze throughout the day. However, this was a problem when visiting family and friends who had other 'free range' pets. I ran across Honest Kitchen reviews on a forum. I was skeptical about HK at first because of the prices, so I ordered a few sample packs to see if my Shiba Inu would like it. Despite the smell and the unappetizing look of the product, she loved it! In fact, she perks up and starts whining now whenever I pull out a package and measuring cups. Well worth the price!

Written by Jeannie | 8/13/14

Roxie loved, loved,. loved every product in the Adult Dog Sample Pack.

Written by Natasha | 8/12/14

Great product! My dog gets so excited when she saw me making THK. I am definitely a convert!

Written by Desiree | 7/28/14

my mama kitty and her 5 little ones love the kitty food... smells delicious to me too tho i wont try it lol.... they scarf it down as soon as it is ready and i put it down for them to eat!!! they say they want more!!!

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