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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Try a sample bundle!
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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Our sample bundles are a great way to taste test a few of our recipes to see what your pet thinks! Each sample bundle includes either 2 or 3 different 1 oz samples. Make sure to add some FREE literature to your shopping cart including our Little Book of Proper Food and Product Flier!

Choose from the following bundles:
Best Sellers for Dogs - A sample of Force (grain-free chicken), Revel (whole grain chicken) and Embark (grain-free turkey).
Cats & Kittens - A sample of Prowl (grain-free chicken) and Grace (grain-free turkey).

Looking for more than a taste test? Try our 2 lb starter boxes! Includes enough food for a few meals without committing to a full size box.

Please note that samples included may change based on availability. Sorry - the limit is one bundle of each variety per customer! Our natural dog food samples are subject to shipping charges. While supplies last.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.

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141 reviews for natural pet food sample bundles view all

Written by Kelly | 9/29/15

My dogs love ❤️ this food! It provides
all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs! Easy and convenient to make! Will keep my dogs on this!

Written by N | 9/28/15

Before jumping on the dehydrated food bandwagon, I ordered a bunch of samples to make sure my dogs would like it. The loved each flavor and licked the bowl clean everytime!

Written by Kathleen | 9/28/15

We weren't sure how dehydrated food would go over with the puppy, but he loved it! He knew the package it came out of and started licking his lips immediately. The Honest Kitchen is perfect for camping/backpacking with puppy. We are so excited.

Written by Erica | 9/21/15

I ordered sample packs for my dog and cat that are fed a homemade raw food diet. I wanted to see what other healthy options were out there for the sake of convenience and stocking up on in case of emergencies. Both of them absolutely loved the samples. They devoured them without hesitation and it was a success! I will be purchasing more for sure!

Written by Dan | 9/21/15

I like what The Honest Kitchen is trying to do, but my dog would not touch any of the samples.

Written by Joanie | 9/18/15

My dog loved these. Despite the smell which my husband doesn't like, I think this is a no-brainer for my pup!

Written by Julie | 9/16/15

All 3 dog food samples were gobbled up by all four dogs, including my senior dog who refuses to eat anything except refrigerated fresh food. Easy to store, messy to mix, seemed too watery

Written by Carolyn | 9/3/15

The sample packs are a great way to try several flavors of the food without committing to a whole box. I ended up getting the adult & puppy pack for my adult dog since the puppy pack ones were are adult dog safe. My dog loved everything we tried & I just had a 10 lb box arrive today to switch over her food since her now former food brand was recently bought out.

It would be great if you could select only a grain free/gluten free sample pack though.

Written by Jessica | 9/1/15

Ordered several samples, beef, hale, halycon, etc. Although, 1 oz is not enough to fully feed a 45 pound pitbull, I mixed it with some of the Revel I had for her (2 lb box) and she absolutely loved it. I had two samples of beef, so I just mixed those together. My dog has never been this wild about any kind of dog food. When she hears the bag rattle, she comes flying across the house, jumping all over for it. The ingredients make buying this well worth every penny!

Written by Tammy | 8/31/15

I love this food. I started out looking for something really good for my puppy. There are so many recalls on food that I am just scared to purchase anything, Kash is a 5 month old Standard Schanuzer AND he loves honest kitchen. He is solid black and the vet told us that for the first few months he would have dry flakey skin. His skin was a little dry when we got him from the breeder. We started him on The Honest Ktichen food, when we took him back to the vet she couldn't believe it....NO dry skin at all! I know it has a lot to do with this food. I had 2 dogs previously and had never heard of this food, so they didn't eat it. They had dry skin and one of them had allergies. This food is amazing and Kash loves it!!!

Written by Gayle | 8/25/15

I love Honest Kitchen's philosophy. I love that even the finished product is all human-grade. I love that I would have had a way to supplement my home-cooked foods for the dog, and high quality cans mixed with home-made foods for the cat with an easy to store, balanced, all-natural, human-tasted, easy-to-prepare food. I ordered sample bundles for both the dog and the cat, very enthused about all of my high hopes and expectations.

Neither pet will touch them. If I feed them separated out, they leave the "meatball" of HK in the dish. The dog will even pick it up and spit it out on the floor. If I mix it in, they won't touch their food at all (even mixing in just a tiny amount ... teaspoon for kitty, tablespoon for dog). I threw out several full meals while trying to coax them to give this wonderful food a try.

My dog was eating just a small amount of the base mix in his home-made food (up to 2 teaspoons of dehydrated mixed with his 1-cup serving of home-made per meal) but he began to reverse sneeze and cough, and the vet wanted me to stop it to see if there was something in there he's allergic to. It now doesn't seem to have been the base mix, but more likely environmental allergens, but I haven't started from scratch mixing it back in yet.

However, the complete rations? Complete refusal. I am so bummed. :-(

I do see that there are a lot of great reviews here from animals who just aren't quite as particular, I guess. Maybe it's that I've always fed such high quality and, at least partially, home-made meals for many years. Anything "from a box or bag" might trigger the same reaction when they're used to getting fresh foods cooked special for them?

Honest Kitchen would have given me an alternative for the days I'm unable to get the cooking done (normally I have plenty in the freezer, but you never know when the power might go out!) Alas, though -- the dog and the kitty don't seem to see the logic in that.

Thanks for your wonderful philosophies and dedication to better health for our pets. Or, everyone else's pets, anyway! ::smile::

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