Pecks Dog Treats

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Bite-sized buffalo and blueberry cookies for pups of all sizes
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Our Pecks™ all natural dog treats are made with buffalo and blueberries. Pecks are low calorie dog treats, with just .6 calories per Peck!

They're the perfect healthy dog training treats because of their smaller 'bite size' that's quick to serve and easy to munch, while your dog focuses on obedience, agility and other canine activities. Smaller than our Smooches and Nuzzles cookies, Pecks low-calorie dog treats are also ideal for toy and small breed dogs – although big dogs love ‘em too!

Pecks natural dog treats are also small enough to fit into many interactive puzzle toys - you can even put some into a 'stuffable' toy and seal them in with a little cream cheese or peanut butter - perfect to keep your pup occupied for a few minutes!

*We recently changed our packaging and your order may contain the previous version of our boxes.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Barley flour, buffalo, molasses, water, eggs, coconut oil and blueberries

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 12.5%
Fat, 4.0%
Fiber, 1.2%
Moisture, 8.2%

Pecks Dog Treats customer reviews

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Written by Jennifer | 9/8/15

My boys (aka Boxers) seem to love these so far! They smell good too ha. I wanted a dry sort of treat to get them to go into their kennels and/or to go potty sometimes, so these are great for that. I like knowing that they are top quality nutrition also even though they are dry treats!

Written by Keri | 8/26/15

My spoiled girls get one of these cookies every morning just because. They love them and as soon as I get out of bed the are circling me with tails and butts wagging in anticipation.

Written by Red Magic | 8/5/15


I love the taste of these and will do all kinds of special tricks to get more! They are the perfect size for training without filling me up! Unfortunately, Mom won't give me the entire box.

Written by Deanna | 7/31/15

My Papillon, havanese, poodle puppy loves these treats.

Written by Bonnie | 7/11/15

My red mini daschaund LOVES the buffalo/blueberry treats. He could barely wait for me to open the box when the treats arrived! He just knew they were for him. Wow! He chowed down in a hurry. He loves them and I love feeding him something that is so good for him.

Written by Alex | 6/23/15

My three bostons love these. They are the perfect size "anytime" treat.

Written by Karen | 6/18/15

These r great. I do wish THK made grain free treats tho...

Written by Jessica | 6/4/15

My puppies love these pecks treats. Every time I shake the box they go crazy. I also noticed that my Rottweiler's dry skin is starting to go away from switching to these. I'm going to continue to purchase these!

Written by Susan | 5/28/15

Our pugs adore pecks and we feel great about giving them to our girls. They are great for training and the the minimal calories are great for breeds predisposed to weight issues. We always have pecks on hand.

Written by Mary | 5/5/15

My Malinois used to freak out in the house when the neighbors or my own lawn men used blowers. I used Pecks to distract him when these "obnoxious noises" were being made. Now, he hears blowers and relaxes. Great product: very high value in "his" opinion. : D

Written by Ashley | 5/4/15

I don't think we could train our puppy without these! He will do anything to get these treats.

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