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No Corn, Wheat, Soy, GMO

100% Human Grade

Just add water

Made in USA

Made with Dehydrated Whole Foods

No byproducts, preservatives

Grain Free Chicken Cat Food

Prowl ®

recipe highlights

• AAFCO complete and balanced
• High moisture, grain free
• Higher calorie diet
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4 lb box: makes 12 lbs
  • 4 lb box
    $45.99 $43.69 makes 12 lbs
  • 2 lb box
    $26.49 $25.17 makes 6 lbs
  • 1 oz sample
    $1.00 $0.95 just a taste
  • 6 x 4 lb boxes
    $265.94 $262.14 save $10
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Product Description Dished up with 70% free-range chicken, Prowl is the original cat’s meow for adult and senior kitties, who don’t dig grains. It’s a less processed, high moisture alternative to canned food, and it’s bursting with natural whole food goodness.
Ideal for adult cats of all breeds and sizes

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All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, organic flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate.

All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives. All meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Calories per Dry Cup 576
% Protein 39
% Fat 29.5
% Fiber 2.38
% Moisture 5.2

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I started using this for my two cats about a year ago, ages 7 and 9. My older cat has had an issue with throwing up his food over the years, even the best brand of wet food I could buy. Besides being a bit gross, it was expensive literally throwing food away! He went from throwing up 5-6 times per week to only about once per week. I supplement this food with an ice cube sized portion of raw meat which has supplements added to it that I purchased through TC Feline. The younger cat is a little finicky, and it took about 10 days to wean him on to this food.
My one complaint is the size of the cranberries- they get stuck in the cat's teeth. They would be better ground up!
I like that the ingredients are natural and it may take time for my cats to get used to it. . I have 6 and half like it ones iffy and two want nothing to do with it. .I'll have to try to mix they're old with it.
My three kitties absolutely adore their Honest Kitchen food! I know I made the right choice when they make little yummy noises, and I hear them every time the food hits their mouths. Not only do they relish the flavor, but they also look and feel better too. Since switching them to Honest Kitchen, they have more energy, are more playful, and their coats are extra silky soft. It was the smart choice for me, and for them!
Cats must take water with food they consume. Cats do not have thirst mechanism. Feeding kibble alone and possibly any kibble is harmful to all cats. We had to find food that contains moisture. Freeze dried appealed to me the most. This food retains nutritional value much longer than any other moisture rich food. It is easy to prepare, clean up and zero waste. Our cat is satisfied within 10 minutes and that is all she gets until next feeding. Yes we feed 3 times (occasionally four times) a day. Yes, we had to train her to like HK Prowl and Grace. This was not difficult and there was never a thought she would not like Prowl. If fact she enjoys this food and it is obvious she is healthier now compared to those days of an open kibble bowl.
Our cat is just over 1 year old, and we have been feeding him grain-free dry food his whole life. About 2 months ago, he suddenly developed digestive problems - he howled in pain because his stomach was bloated after eating (the vet checked him out and said everything was okay, but recommended prescription dry food, which we did not take), he began having diarrhea, and then throwing up hairballs. He went from being a completely healthy young cat to experiencing awful digestive problems in just a few short weeks we were puzzled as to what was causing the problem. After reading about the high carbohydrate content in dry food (even grain-free dry food!) we decided to look for alternatives. I'm so pleased to report that within just a few days of switching to The Honest Kitchen, there has been no more diarrhea, no more bloating, and no more hairballs!!! Not one incident has occurred since the switch. We're about halfway through our first box and couldn't be happier! (Also, our little guy absolutely LOVES this food - he is veryyyyy vocal at mealtime while he impatiently waits for his meal to be prepared, and then he barely sits down to eat because he eats it so quickly!!! I've also noticed that he also doesn't eat as much as he did on dry food - he seems more satisfied with this food.)
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