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Prowl Cat Food

The Honest Kitchen Prowl cat food is an all-natural diet made with free range chicken, eggs and produce like sweet potatoes, spinach and cranberries. It is almost 70% meat, and is a natural human grade cat food that’s ideal for adult cats, particularly those who need a diet without gluten. Prowl dehydrated cat food is our original cat food recipe, and some of our very first customers still think it’s one of the best cat foods available! Prowl grain-free and gluten-free cat food is a high-moisture dehydrated cat food, which can be used in place of homemade or canned cat food diets.

The Honest Kitchen Prowl is good for cats who:
♥ Can’t have grains or gluten
♥ Prefer chicken
♥ Need a high moisture, high protein diet

our food is dehydrated

Calories Per Dry Cup: 576
Protein 39.00%
Fat 29.50%
Carbohydrates 19.02%
Life Stage Highly Active
Less Active / Senior
Recipe Highlights Higher Calories
High Protein
Grain Free
Gluten Free

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, organic flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

how much to feed each day

dehydrated cat food

Our foods must be hydrated with water before serving, but you can add slightly more or less water than we suggest, according to your cat's taste. Refrigerate or discard any leftovers. Learn more about how to make our foods >

Cats can be slow to try something new. Click here to learn how to transition your cat to a new food and also find some tips for those especially picky kitties!

How to make it

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286 reviews for prowl cat food view all

Written by Jessica | 3/10/15

She's not licking the bowl clean yet but she does seem to enjoy it and of course she has a super hard time waiting for it to be ready to eat! Hopefully she'll like it so much we can completely phase out the kibble!

Written by pep | 2/16/15

Great food. HIGHLY recommended. My cat ate kibble for all her life before trying this. I saw a recommendation video for Honest Kitchen on Leerburg and always wanted to try it out with my pet. My cat really enjoys this, either alone or mixed with raw food. Might I add that this stuff doesn't stink at all. In fact, it has a pleasant smell, similar to pancake mix! It is easy to make and pack while on the road. Thank you Honest Kitchen!

Written by Christina | 2/11/15

Most of my cats really enjoy prowl, although, one of my kitties didn't like it initially, he eventually ate some and did not seem to mind it. I enjoy giving them something healthy that they will actually eat. I am really glad to have found this healthy food. I hope Charlie eventually comes to love this food, but, for now, I'm just glad he will eat it and that my other cats love it.

Written by Sharryn | 2/6/15

This is the first food my cat refused to eat before even trying it. I did get sneaky and mix it in with other wet foods, and she ate it just fine. Still have one more sample bag to try, hopefully we can get her switched.

Written by Jennifer | 2/6/15

FANTASTIC!! Five paws up for the AMAZING products offered by this PHENOMENAL company at an unbelievably ECONOMICAL price!! My growing 9 month old kitten-cat LOVES it and I am THRILLED!! The product is UNPARALLELED and the customer service is WONDERFUL!! The happy, healthy, purring kit-cat on my lap is proof. You can hear that, right? ;-)

Written by Jennifer | 2/6/15

LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazing company!! I am so thrilled to find this fantastic human grade food source for my growing 9 month old kitten-cat. He LOVES Prowl and Grace!! I am so grateful to have found this phenomenal food source to keep him healthy and to support his nutritional needs as he grows into full catness. I was thrilled to discover that this food is not only US made and human grade but also SO economical!! At his current weight, even with the additional food intake needed for a kitten, this food is far more economical than any processed canned food that I would ever consider and far more economical than the organic home-made food that I was making. This is his primary food source (mixed with some raw food) and he is thriving, healthy, happy, shiny and BEGGING for more Honest Kitchen. Meow!!

Written by Amanda | 2/3/15

My cat has had a history of urinary tract infections, and he never wants to drink water on his own. I ordered both the chicken and turkey to try with him, and he started tearing into the bags before I even had a chance to open them up, so I know he likes the taste! I just add a little more water in then needed, and he licks the bowl clean, so I can finally feel assured he's getting enough liquid. He also seems to be more energetic. He seems to prefer the taste of the chicken one more then the turkey, but he'll eat them both. While the turkey has a lower fat content, the chicken is also so very healthy and made with such quality ingredients that it's still better then the canned stuff he was getting before.

Written by Patrick | 1/30/15

Dealing with a sick cat. I feel good about feeding this to him as the ingredients listed seem spot on. He has been slow to eating anything and I've tried everything - just stumbled upon Honest Kitchen, said a prayer and gave it a shot. He has been slow to getting his appetite back but this product seemed to get a favorable response from him. I added a little bit of the HK pro-biotic goats milk and he liked it a bit better. When I finally used chicken broth to hydrate the food he licked the bowl clean! Keeping my fingers crossed he makes a comeback!

Written by Jessica | 1/19/15

This new food took some time to win my two cats approval. Now they can't get enough of it. Makes me feel good that I can improve their health and diet with them loving their new food.

Written by D.L. | 1/17/15

I purchased this food based on Susan Thixon's 2015 list of foods she would feed to her own pets. My 2 Siberian cats love it! I love that I am giving them a high quality raw food that doesn't gross me out. The powder is really easy to use, following the directions. It is important to let the food hydrate for the full 3 minutes before serving it.
I can't express enough how much I appreciate the standards set by the Honest kitchen- from the basic facility itself to the high quality of the ingredients and the fact that they are not sourced from China. I firmly believe that providing the best quality food for my cats is the way to go. As much as I love their vet, I would rather spend my money on keeping them healthy with top quality food than have ailing cats visit the vet down the road. We'll keep our trips there to well-visits, thanks!

Written by ida | 1/1/15

My kitty is begging for this food. I ran out between orders and he is really missing it. I'm very impressed with this product and can't thankyou enough for providing quality food for my Honey. I had some of the dehydrated fish though so hes ok. To think he only liked his kibble now he goes there second.

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