No Corn, Wheat, Soy, GMO

100% Human Grade

Just add water

Made in USA

Made with Dehydrated Whole Foods

No byproducts, preservatives

Grain Free Chicken Cat Food

Prowl ®

recipe highlights

• AAFCO complete and balanced
• High moisture, grain free
• Higher calorie diet
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4 lb box |
(makes 12 lbs)
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Product Description Dished up with 70% free-range chicken, Prowl is the original cat’s meow for adult and senior kitties, who don’t dig grains. It’s a less processed, high moisture alternative to canned food, and it’s bursting with natural whole food goodness.

All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, organic flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

Calories Per Cup 576
Protein 39%
Fat 29.5%
Carbohydrates 19.02%

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I picked up a few of the sample packets for my cats to try they all loved it so I ordered them them a box. I like how all ingredients are human quality and since it is dehydrated it can be stored easily compared to raw diets, and you can add more or less water which is great as some cats don't drink enough water., which is a concern of mine since one of mine has had issues with forming crystals.
My three year old rescue named Tommy is very difficult when it comes to meals. In addition to being finicky, he never shows much enthusiasm when it comes to eating in general. My sister recommended I try Prowl as she feeds her dogs Honest Kitchen products. Much to my surprise and delight, Tommy not only loved the food from the get-go but licked his bowl clean. He gets so excited when he sees me reach for the box of Prowl that he now comes running into the kitchen in anticipation of me serving his warm meal. My other cat has a healthy appetite but has suffered from digestive trouble for years now. After switching over to Prowl her tummy troubles are a thing of the past and she too loves the taste! THANK YOU Honest Kitchen for making furry babies so happy and providing us with products where we can easily recognize all the ingredients! Top notch!
My cat is 14 years old. She has been on regular dry food all of her life. She started having problems throwing up a few years ago. It had gotten to the point where it was happening so frequently that something had to be done! I had her thyroid tested at the vet. They said she was borderline hyperthyroid and recommended a certain food to help. I wanted to try a more natural and healthier food instead.

I switched to Prowl a little over 2 months ago. My cat loves it! I didn't have to ease her into the new food very long at all. I mixed a little Prowl with a little kibble and then put the bowl of prowl down. I did that for a few days then I put a dap of the prowl in the bowl she was used to eating kibble in then put her bowl of prowl down. I did that for a couple of days. Then I started putting the bowl of prowl down and have been ever since. I did (and still do) have to play with the consistency. Sometimes kitty likes it thicker and sometime she likes it thinner. I have seen her not eat it at all because the consistency wasn't right for her that particular day.

After switching her to prowl, she still threw up at first. But after a few weeks it got better and less often. Now, 2 full months into the Prowl food, she only throws up hair balls. She used to not do hairballs but I guess the food being liquid instead of kibble she is licking herself more and so now she's getting hairballs were she used to not. I'll take hairballs over throw up though!

One more thing to note, my cat weighed 10 pounds before switching her food. Since switching her to prowl, she lost 3 pounds and now weighs 7 pounds.

I am very satisfied with this product! I believe it is healthier for my cat and it has helped with her throwing up! I will most definitely continue to use it. So glad I found it while searching the internet!
I purchased Prowl for my very big, senior Maine Coon mix, Ace. At age 12+ he was addicted to his dry food and really thought grazing all day was the way to go. But as he started getting older and overweight I started seeing possible signs of diabetes although blood work ruled that out. After switching all my cats over to a wet food diet in the last 6 months, I decided I wanted something better for them but dont have space to provide a raw diet so I tried Prowl. Ace took to it like a duck to water. After 3 weeks his weight has stabilized and he's runing around and playing with the two younger cats in the house. Now if I can just convince the other cats.
I wish I could give the Grace cat food five stars, and rate this one higher than that somehow, because my two "senior citizens" love the Prowl even more! They can tell from anywhere in the house when I open either, and magically materialize just before the three-minute timer goes off to serve it. They were never difficult eaters, but they began getting peaky and picky and dropping weight while boarded at a wonderful kennel after a sudden move from the house we'd lived in all their lives. We tried samples of many many kinds of food to see what they would be happy with--THK is IT! They clean the bowl and look for more. but it doesn't upset their stomachs when they eat so quickly, like wet food always seems to. It is easy for older cats to eat, and my two have nice glossy coats and have added weight back. We gave them the Grace first and thought we'd cracked it, but we also had sample sizes of Prowl, and BOY! They prefer that even more enthusiastically.
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