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• Quickies are being discontinued
• Made with only ONE ingredient
• High protein, low calories
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2 oz Tube
  • 2 oz Tube
    $9.99 $9.49
Product Description

Quickies are being discontinued.

Quickies are miniature heart-shaped morsels, made from 100% wild Icelandic haddock. These non-GMO-Project verified treats are served in a 2 oz eco-friendly tube that fits in your pocket for on-the-go snacking so they’re perfect for clicker training, road trips and more.
Fast-to-serve dog training treats

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Dehydrated haddock

1.1 calorie per treat
% Protein 83.5
% Fat 0.85
% Fiber 0.75
% Moisture 11.85

The Non-GMO project officially verified that this product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance.

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I love the idea of these treats (low calorie perfect for training, 1 ingredient which is great for my sensitive-tummy Boston Terrier, cute little heart shape, etc.) Unfortunately, my picky girl wouldn't touch them! I've since learned she hates strong fish tastes, and won't eat any treat that I can tell smells like fish. I gifted them to her puppy friend and he was a big fan, though, so as long as your pupper isn't a fish-hater they should love these!
Please don't discontinue Quickies!! They are my dogs favorite treats! Nowhere else can I find low calorie treats like them. I implore you to reconsider!
Bought these to mix up the type of treats I was giving my puppy during training sessions. They are a great size and I like that they do not fill him up so fast during class. He starts to jump and squirm around when he sees me reaching for the can:). My only complaint (which is a personal problem haha) is the smell. I do not like fish to begin with let alone any seafood, but I didn't want to deprive my puppy of fish in his diet because I don't like the smell. Will be repurchasing Quickies if they are still in stock when I run out. I believe I heard these will be discontinued:(
Our Yorkie loves these and they are about the only treat she will eat, she is a finicky eater when treats are concerned . Very disappointed they are being discontinued. ..please reconsider this! Great treat for the little dogs...
My puppy (10 weeks) loves these little treats, and it's great that they're so low calorie. I'm disappointed that they'll be discontinued, as the other Honest Kitchen treats (8 calories) are a bit too high for us to use during training. But these little guys are great for reinforcing potty and the other commands we're working on!
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