Quiet Tea

Quiet Tea

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An herbal ‘tea’ supplement to help promote calmness in dogs and cats during stressful or over-stimulating situations
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Quiet Tea - 2.8 oz jar

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for dogs and cats

**Important Note: Unfortunately we are discontinuing this product so stock up now. You can read more details here.**

Quiet Tea™ is ideal for pets who suffer with intermittent anxiety. It is designed to help pets maintain a calm disposition and promote relaxation.

For best results, make a tasty batch of Quiet Tea before a stressful situation, separation, thunderstorms, fireworks, or before traveling.

We’re sorry - this product is not allowed to be sold in Idaho, New Mexico, Texas or South Dakota due to state regulations on certain herbs.

Contraindications: During pregnancy and nursing, Quiet Tea should only be used under veterinary supervision and with caution. It should not be used in animals with preexisting liver conditions.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Oatstraw, chamomile, passionflower, skullcap and valerian root

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 10.52%
Fat, 6.89%
Fiber, 13.83%
Moisture, 9.12%

how much to feed each day

Supplments Feeding Guidelines

Adjust accordingly for larger animals. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental use only.

How to make it

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Written by Maria | 10/9/14

Frank is so scared of storms and has severe separation anxiety, this tea is a life saver. Once again thank you so very much for wonderful products!!!

Written by Nicole | 9/6/14

I purchased this tea a couple of weeks ago, as my rescue dog has significant separation anxiety. My husband generally leaves before I do in the morning, which sets Bella off. The first day that I gave her the tea, she spent about 5 minutes whining and then curled up on the chair. Her usual routine was 30+ minutes of barking and crying. This is a great product!

Written by lacey | 2/28/14

I wish this product was not being discontinued. it REALLY works! my dogs mellowed out considerably when my friend's new baby came over. I was worried because my dogs are still young and like to play. I gave them some of the tea about 15 minutes before my friend arrived with her baby, and my dogs were quiet, well behaved, and very mellow.

Written by Alexa | 2/12/14

My 1 year old aussie/yellow lab mix, after her heart worm treatment, had to be on total cage rest for 6 months, and was going absolutely crazy. It was hard to keep her heart rate down, and she was restless, antsy, and miserable. I had tried pretty much every calming supplement/diffuser on the market, and this is the ONLY ONE that has had ANY effect on her. It's been a life saver and she is so much less anxious and miserable. It's also pretty easy to make and absorbs well into any of the honest kitchen mixes.

Written by Caylee | 1/13/14

I have a dog with pretty bad anxiety this doesn't take it all away, however it helps a lot. Works well for the price.

Written by carolyn | 10/28/13

My Baby girl has serious separation anxiety, if I know I am going to be gone for an extended period of time, (more then a couple hours) I give her this. It helps keep her calm, no side effect, and she does not eat my house anymore. THANKS AGAIN!!

Written by Rebecca | 4/18/13

I first tried it on my dog who has terrible separation anxiety. I mean, really severe. So, I honestly wasn't surprised when I didn't see much of a difference in his anxiety levels after giving him it.
However, I later gave my senior dog (who has thunderstorm phobia) and I noticed a definite effect on him - his overall anxiety was reduced, he seemed much calmer and less bothered by the storms. Now, I give it to him whenever he is being a pesky little guy. He seems much more relaxed after having it! I steep it and mix it in with the Ice Pups for a broth and he loves it.

Written by Dawn | 1/3/12

My one and a half year old Aussie has been under great stress for the last 7 months and has been having adaptation and fear problems. She reacts emotionally in situations that make her uncomfortable. She has been getting the Quiet Tea for 3 weeks. This product has made a huge difference in helping her calm down and process situations in a more appropriate manner. She is better able to control her emotions and learn from a situation instead of just reacting to it.

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