June 14, 2012

Summer can be a fabulous, fun filled time of year - but it can also verge on being a bore, if there aren't enough things to keep kids busy. I'm not a fan of an entire summer filled with camps - I don't think handing entertainment to children week after week does them any favors in terms of developing a vibrant imagination and a bit of self sufficiency. So we do a few camps scattered throughout the summer, mixed with days at home for play, trips and neighborhood activities.

Thalia and Asha (ages 8 and 5)  really enjoyed this project - and I liked it because there were no hot ovens or baking trays to worry about. It coincided with our Ridgeback, Taro's 3rd Birthday and was a brilliant way for everyone to celebrate (even if Taro did help himself to half the plate of finished treats before we'd had a chance to sing)!

No-Bake Birthday Balls (suitable for any day, not just birthdays!)


1 cup Thrive dehydrated dog food
3/4 cup warm water
2 eggs
1/2 cup nitrate-free sliced cooked turkey, roughly torn up by hand
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/4 cup instant quinoa flakes or instant oats

What to do

Measure the Thrive into a large clean bowl and add the warm water.

Crack the two eggs into the bowl.

Tip in the torn up turkey and grated cheese.

Stir to combine everything. And then the fun begins!

Using BARE HANDS, start to shape small quantities of the batter into small balls, appropriate for the size of your dog. The mixture is a little sticky but if you gently toss the ball from hand to hand it will naturally form a nice round shape. Place them carefully on a plate.

Getting in a mess is half the fun! Our office dogs helped Thalia and Asha with the initial cleanup before they went over to the sink. Those hands were just too much to resist!

We popped in three candles for Taro's special day (adults should help younger children with this part). And they were ready to serve!

Taro just had to try one or two, before his friends arrived....