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customer loyalty program

Join one of our customer rewards programs—in-store or online—to start earning free Honest Kitchen products. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?

The Honest Kitchen’s In-Store Reward Program

Go to your local store and join either the Small Box or Large Box Loyalty Program.
You will receive a personalized envelop to place copies of your receipts after each THK purchase. Generally, stores will keep these envelopes behind the counter, however, in some cases where space is limited, you may be asked to hold on to your envelope.
After you purchase twelve boxes, the store will provide you with a free box of food on the spot.
Read more about our in-store loyalty program

The Honest Kitchen’s Online Reward Program

Create an online account or log in to your existing account.
Receive points for purchases or website activities.
Use accumulated points to receive free THK products.
Read more about The Honest Kitchen customer rewards programs
Redeem your reward points for free products