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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Try a sample bundle!
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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Our sample bundles are a great way to taste test a few of our recipes to see what your pet thinks! Each sample bundle includes either 2 or 3 different 1 oz samples. Make sure to add some FREE literature to your shopping cart including our Little Book of Proper Food and Product Flier!

Choose from the following bundles:
Adult & Senior Dogs - A sample of Force (grain-free chicken), Verve (whole grain beef) and Keen (turkey & oats).
Puppies & Active Adults - A sample of Embark (grain-free turkey), Revel (whole grain chicken) and Love (grain-free beef).
Cats - A sample of Prowl (grain-free chicken) and Grace (grain-free turkey).

Looking for more than a taste test? Try our 2 lb starter boxes! Includes enough food for a few meals without committing to a full size box.

Please note that samples included may change based on availability. Sorry - the limit is one bundle of each variety per customer! Our natural dog food samples are subject to shipping charges. While supplies last.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.

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Written by sara | 6/25/15

I have a 10 pound dog. She feel in love with the food. When she sees the packets she comes running for it and gobbles it up

Written by Kelly | 6/15/15

I have 5 cats (1-10yrs. in age) 2 dogs. Both of the dogs enjoyed their sample. 2 of my cats really enjoyed their samples. The 3 other cats were not interested at the time I made up the samples. We have been experiencing very hot temps. and they don't like to eat much when it is hot. Overall I am pleased with Honest Kitchen, and plan on ordering more.

Written by Jenn | 5/31/15

What's better than delicious healthy dog food? I'm not sure, and neither are my five pups! If you know what's better than Honest Kitchen ... Please share!

Written by Kelly | 5/29/15

I have been feeding my dog Blue Buffalo since she was born. She has done well on it; however, I have noticed she was always very thirsty and had trouble controlling her weight even though she is a very active dog. I tried the sample packs of both the Adult Dog and the White Potato Free and Im glad I got the samples first. She absolutely loved the Adult Dog sample pack! However, she would not touch the white potato free sample packs. They also did not absorb the water as well as the Adult Dog packs either. But I am definitely going to pursue one of the Adult Dog dehydrated foods. She could not get enough, and licked the bowl clean.

Written by Naomi | 5/28/15

I received a gift card for a sample pack from The Honest Kitchen, and WOW! My pups go NUTS over the stuff!! When they see a packet come out, the come and sit and wait and whine until it's ready! I have never seen them react to something so strongly before!!! Thank you!!

Written by Jeannie | 5/13/15

I've been feeding my Goldens a raw diet for seven years, but professional handlers don't want to take the trouble feeding & refrigerationg raw when one of my dogs is being shown. I started the ones being shown on THK and now feed it to all four of our Goldens several days a week. I also start my puppies on it at around four wks of age and give it to puppy buyers, strongly suggesting they continue to feed THK or raw or a combination of both. Excellent product, and a lot easier than making from scratch!

Written by michelle | 5/8/15

We have a 12 year-old yorkie that's missing half her teeth, has severe allergies, and on top of it all is a very picky eater. And she absolutely loves the honest kitchen. Totally worth it to order a sampler to find which flavor works best and go from there. Wish I would've gotten rid of the hard, dry, kibble a long time ago.

Written by Rose | 4/30/15

I got a sample of this to see if my dogs would like this and they did. I'm going to continue to buy this and replace it with their wet food. Thanks for good food!

Written by Amanda | 4/26/15

We were blessed with a wonderful pup with a less than wonderful digestive system. He tends to have a sensitive tummy, so we set out to give THK a try after a vet recommendation. The sample packs came quickly and are a great way to try before you buy. I was a bit skeptical that our pup would eat this food when I mixed the water and saw how soupy it looked (and honestly.. how stinky it was). Boy was I wrong! He LOVES every one we have tried so far, and I love that he's eating fresh, human grade food. Best of all - no tummy issues. Everyone wins!

Written by Michelle | 4/23/15

My 4 year old chow chow, Lola absolutly loves Keen. She can't wait for her food to hydrate and me put her bowl down, it's probably the longest 3 minutes of her life

Written by Rebecca | 4/7/15

awesome, ALL of these products are awesome for your pets and.... for travel too! VERY convenient, natural and nutritious

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