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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Try a sample bundle!
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Curious if your pet will like The Honest Kitchen? Our sample bundles are a great way to taste test a few of our recipes to see what your pet thinks! Each sample bundle includes 3 different 1 oz samples. Make sure to add some FREE literature to your shopping cart including our Little Book of Proper Food and Product Flier!

Choose from the following bundles:
Adult & Senior Dogs - A sample of Force (grain-free chicken) and Keen (turkey & oats).
Puppies & Active Adults - A sample of Embark (grain-free turkey) and Love (grain-free beef).
Cats - A sample of Prowl (grain-free chicken) and Grace (grain-free turkey).
White Potato-Free - A sample of our dog recipes that do not include white potato: Thrive (quinoa & chicken), Zeal (grain-free fish) and Preference (a base mix that requires protein added)

Looking for more than a taste test? Try our 2 lb starter boxes! Includes enough food for a few meals without committing to a full size box.

Please note that samples included may change based on availability. Sorry - the limit is one bundle of each variety per customer! Our natural dog food samples are subject to shipping charges. While supplies last.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.

Natural pet food sample bundles customer reviews

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Written by Sarah | 3/23/15

I have a 15 lb. Maltese mix, and a 80 lb. shepherd mix. They both LOVED the samples I gave them! I tried the Zeal and Force samples. As soon as I opened the packet, they were very interested, and they were getting too excited just waiting for the food to hydrate!

I also tried Prowl with my hedgehog, who is the pickiest eater. She won't even touch any insects, which is part of their main diet. However, she ate up the little sample of Prowl that I gave her! I definitely recommend this food!

Written by Joyce | 3/5/15

My dogs tried the grain free chicken sample and they inhaled it !

Written by Gert | 2/28/15

my dog loved the sample i got her. she didn't hesitate to try it. i'll be getting more in the future for her. she loves trying different foods and treats.

Written by Allison | 2/13/15

After some health issues, we are on a quest to find the best (tasting and healthiest) wet cat food. I appreciate the chance to test the dehydrated cat food out. Kevin didn't seem to love either the Prowl or the Grace, unless I mixed in other canned cat food, until I discovered that I was using way too much water. When I made it with less water, it was less soupy and he was willing to gobble it up. I think I will go ahead and try the bigger bag to see if he will stick with it longer!

Written by Liz | 1/19/15

I was rather disappointed with the Honest Kitchen foods. After reading more about the foods, I realized that the chicken recipe contains up to 20% carbs. I look for cat foods with very low carb counts, usually at least less than 10%. I wish they could adjust the recipe to lower the carb counts. As for the turkey formula, they do have 10% carbs. However, when I added the specified water amount and let it sit for the alotted time, the food remained very soupy and my boys wouldn't eat it at all. I'm not sure if it was the consistency or the flavor of the food, but my boys were not interested. (They usually like turkey flavored foods).

Bottom line: decreases carbs in the chicken formula and I would reconsider buying the chicken formula

Written by Melissa | 1/17/15

I was very excited to try Honest Kitchen as my almost 15 year old terrier mix's picky level is increasing and he is getting more difficult to feed; I was hopeful food in a completely different form would get his attention. Unfortunately, he only ate some of the chicken sample when coaxed and would absolutely not touch the turkey sample. I was very disappointed.

Written by Megan | 12/30/14

Our dog, a 50 pound black and tan mutt, seems to enjoy the turkey and the fish samples. We were unable to try the chicken because it was expired. The Honest Kitchen sent us a second set once I alerted them, but the chicken sample in that round was expired as well. Our dog doesn't seem to mind that he's eating an oatmeal/soupy mixture. But, my husband would prefer there be hard chunks. Although we brush his teeth often, I'm not so sure eating mush as a main staple will help maintain nice white teeth. I love how wholesome the ingredients are, I just wish there was more texture to it and, when we added kibble, our dog didn't seem to chew much!

Written by Ilene | 12/18/14

My Shepherd mix is a very picky eater. She is spoon fed but she was willing to eat this food out of her bowl on her own. She liked both of the sample packs. I will be ordering bigger sizes of both.

Written by Sandy | 12/15/14

I ordered the Adult Dog Sample Pack for my 14 year old. He can sometimes be quite picky about his food, but not with this. I mixed the turkey pack and put some of the Perfect Form in and and he loved it.

Written by Harley | 12/15/14

My puppy loved this starter pack. I actually bought the starter pack after purchasing a full box just to explore different flavors. She doesn't seem to have a preference.
When she was first adopted, I originally fed her Purina One's puppy formula. She ate it, but not consistently. She is always to excited to eat her Honest Kitchen food. I occasionally mix Blue Buffalo in it just to help with the texture.

Written by Bentley | 12/10/14

My dog loved these samples! I ordered both the grain and grain free dog food samples and it's safe to say that she is in puppy LOVE! She gobbled these up, barely looked up long enough to breathe. These samples are a great and inexpensive opportunity to figure out which flavor your pet will like best! The food came packaged well and shipped to my house within 3 days. Thanks THK! will be ordering bigger boxes soon!

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