Instructions for Sample Packets

Zeal Sample

Thank you for trying a sample of our wholesome, human grade food! The packet that you’ve received is just a taste test, but may be a full meal depending on the size of your dog or cat. Each packet contains 1/4 cup of dehydrated food.

How to Make Honest Kitchen Samples

How to make Embark, Force, Love, Thrive, Keen, Zeal or Verve
Mix your packet with 1/3 cup of warm water, wait 5 minutes and serve! We suggest mixing the hydrated food with their current kibble, canned or raw food, to ease with the transition.

If you have a toy breed (1-10 lbs), we’d suggest mixing half the sample packet in the morning, and again in the evening.

How to make Preference
Mix your packet with 1/3 cup of warm water, wait 5 minutes, mix with 1/4 cup meat and serve! Read more about how to feed Preference.

How to make Grace or Prowl
Mix your packet with 1/4 cup of warm water, wait 5 minutes and serve!

If your cat is between 1-5 lbs, we suggest stretching the sample packet over two days, as the suggested daily amount to feed is about 1/4 cups of dehydrated food a day.


My dog doesn’t like it, what should I do?
We suggest turning it into a treat! Mix the hydrated food with a 1/4 cup of full fat yogurt, a small handful of shredded cheese, and then stuff into a kong and freeze.

We also recommend trying out a few other recipes. Our most palatable diets are Love, Force, Embark and Keen.

My cat doesn’t like it, what should I do?
Cats may need a few weeks to transition to our foods, especially if they were raised on a kibble based diet. Read more tips about transitioning cats.

My dog or cat has a sensitive stomach and I’m worried about having them try it. What should I do?
Many dogs and cats with tender tummies do fantastic on our foods, as our diets are simply clean, whole foods. We also have a digestive supplement, Perfect Form, that helps ensure a ‘perfect’ transition!

I’d like to transition to your foods, about how much will my pet need a day, and how much will a box last?
Check out this page with food serving size details. Also, feel free to contact us ( and tell us a little about your pet’s size and activity level so we can give you a recommendation!

The food looks rather soupy, is that okay?
Yes! It will firm up as it rehydrates. Also, some pets prefer a soupier consistency, while others like the food firmer so play around with it to see what your pet enjoys more.

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