Smittens - Pure Meat Cat Treats

Fish Treats for Cats


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• A one ingredient treat for cats
• Only 1.1 calories in each
• High protein, low fat, low carb
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3 oz box |
Product Description Smittens is for lucky kittens, and cats. These 100% Icelandic haddock treats provide the perfect aroma and texture cats adore at only 1.1 calories apiece. So, there's no shame in sprinkling ‘em on anything and everything for an extra somethin' somethin'.
Purrfect heart shaped treats for cats

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Dehydrated haddock

1.1 calorie per treat

% Protein 83.5
% Fat 0.85
% Fiber 0.75
% Moisture 11.85

The Non-GMO project officially verified that this product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance.

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My cat loved these treats the first couple of times I gave them to her. Then all of the sudden she turned her nose up to it and would not eat them at all. I don't know what happened. I tired several different times and she would sniff it and have nothing to do with it.
My husband and I have 4 cats and they all love these! The small, heart-shaped treats are easy to dole out and eat. I love how there's only one main, wholesome ingredient, and that the haddock is wild caught. We use these for occasional treats or if a cat is feeling picky, to crush one up and sprinkle on their normally given raw food (after which they eat no problem!). A wonderful product.
All three cats really enjoy these treats, before they go to bed at night. I give them three treats each, and they beg for more!
My cat goes crazy for these things. He absolutely goes crazy when I get them out. He gets so excited for them. My cat loves them
My cats can be quite finicky, I'm always trying to find something that will excite them (it's possible!). Having not read a review, I felt skeptical buying these at first. When the box entered the room I already knew it would be a hit with my cats! They all went crazy over them, and I found the shape adorable! I'm sure I'll be ordering again very soon.
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