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Sparkle - discontinued

for dogs and cats

**Important Note: Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. You can read more details here.**

Sparkle™ is a nutritional supplement made with a selection of natural herbs, designed to support healthy skin and a shiny coat for both dogs and cats.

We’re sorry, this product is not allowed to be sold in Idaho, New Mexico, Texas or South Dakota due to state regulations on certain herbs.

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Written by Marisa | 4/13/14

At first I didn't think they would like it but, it has made such a difference in their skin and coat. I tried everything top brand expensive dog food, allergy pills, shampoos, expensive treatments, omegas. taking them to the vet nothing seemed to helped their flakey(I mean big patches) skin and the coat felt so dry. So I thought this was worth a try but, I figured it would probably end up being just like all the other things I tried. I was wrong this works and I am so sad to see it will be going away I hope they can make another product or perhaps maybe give us an alternative to try.

Written by kaylie | 3/13/14

my dog is on this supplement and embark. what a huge difference in his coat. to be fair he's not picky. he will eat ANYTHING but he jumps around when I'm making his food. the change in his coat is amazing it was very dry before now it is soft and browning in places that were bare before. kind of sad this is going to stop being made....stocked up on it!

Written by PackMom | 3/7/14

Our kittycat Annie will be 19 in April. This last year she developed a bad case of dandruff plus crusty sores on her chin. A month ago our Mom began to add Sparkle to her food with a topping of Salmon Oil. She eats the Sparkle joyously, first! Her coat is now glossy and the sores are gone. Jeremy is 6 and thinks he's the top dog. (But of course, I am instead!) His skin was grey and flakey in spite of the Salmon Oil Mom has been giving him since he was 2. She added Sparkle to his food. Now, even when he's been playing in the mud his skin washes off nice and pink. Thanks for a great product!

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Dandelion leaf, rosehips, burdock root, nettle leaf and yeast flakes

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 18.00%
Fat, .50%
Fiber, 10.26%
Moisture, 11.00%

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This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental use only.

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