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Supplement for dogs and cats to support normal healthy skin and coat
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for dogs and cats

**Important Note: Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. You can read more details here.**

Sparkle™ is a nutritional supplement made with a selection of natural herbs, designed to support healthy skin and a shiny coat for both dogs and cats.

We’re sorry, this product is not allowed to be sold in Idaho, New Mexico, Texas or South Dakota due to state regulations on certain herbs.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Dandelion leaf, rosehips, burdock root, nettle leaf and yeast flakes

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 18.00%
Fat, .50%
Fiber, 10.26%
Moisture, 11.00%

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This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental use only.

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Written by Marisa | 4/13/14

At first I didn't think they would like it but, it has made such a difference in their skin and coat. I tried everything top brand expensive dog food, allergy pills, shampoos, expensive treatments, omegas. taking them to the vet nothing seemed to helped their flakey(I mean big patches) skin and the coat felt so dry. So I thought this was worth a try but, I figured it would probably end up being just like all the other things I tried. I was wrong this works and I am so sad to see it will be going away I hope they can make another product or perhaps maybe give us an alternative to try.

Written by kaylie | 3/13/14

my dog is on this supplement and embark. what a huge difference in his coat. to be fair he's not picky. he will eat ANYTHING but he jumps around when I'm making his food. the change in his coat is amazing it was very dry before now it is soft and browning in places that were bare before. kind of sad this is going to stop being made....stocked up on it!

Written by PackMom | 3/7/14

Our kittycat Annie will be 19 in April. This last year she developed a bad case of dandruff plus crusty sores on her chin. A month ago our Mom began to add Sparkle to her food with a topping of Salmon Oil. She eats the Sparkle joyously, first! Her coat is now glossy and the sores are gone. Jeremy is 6 and thinks he's the top dog. (But of course, I am instead!) His skin was grey and flakey in spite of the Salmon Oil Mom has been giving him since he was 2. She added Sparkle to his food. Now, even when he's been playing in the mud his skin washes off nice and pink. Thanks for a great product!

Written by Norah | 11/22/13

This product is wonderful! We have three cats and an Aussie mix puppy. I put some Sparkle in all their bowls with a few tablespoons of very hot water and let it sit for a few minutes to make a "tea". I add the puppy's kibble on top and stir it (same for one of the cats) and the other two eat Prowl and they LOVE it and will lick the bowl. The puppy came from a shelter and his coat was constantly dull and flaky. After about three weeks of adding his Sparkle "tea" to his diet twice a day his coat is shiny and NOT flaky and it has thickened up as well! The cats have been getting it for awhile but I wasn't tracking their coat condition.

Written by Melissa | 11/6/13

Both dog and cat love the product and coats look shiny and nice as well. Needed to grow fur back in after an injury on the dog and this product really helped speed up the process, bonus is that the dog and cat both love it on their food so no having to force pills on them.

Written by Tiffany | 11/5/13

My adopted beagle has the worst case of oily seborrhea I have ever seen. She would become oily within hours of a bath. I added Sparkle to her feeding protocol as I looked up all the ingredients and found evidence that supported their use with a dog who was recovering from flea and food allergies. We are only into our 3rd month of using this product and it takes a long time to see results, but things are changing. I have her on so many things, I am not sure if there was one item helped her make a turn or the better or if was the collection. What I can say is that she is very willing to eat this product when added to her meal, a very good thing, and things are improving. I decided to give this product a 4 star rating as everything I read supported the use of the herbs, my dog will eat the product, and she is starting to improve. Skin issues take a long time as you are healing the animal from the inside out, so patience is key here. Keep a journal and take lots of before and after photos.

Written by Rebecca | 10/26/13

I would like to try this for my dog before buying it. He has really bad skin - he's always itching & his skin is flaky. We've tried different shampoos & conditioners, wipes, & even "at home remedies" (like eggs) but nothing seems to help. Any way y'all could do a sample of this product first? I'd love to try a more natural method.

Written by Allison | 6/1/13

We've been giving this to our two dachshunds for about a month and a half or so. We really started it for our dachsie boy that has some skin dermatitis. That has gotten MUCH better, but we've really noticed a HUGE difference in our female dachshund. We've always thought she's had a wonderful, soft, glossy coat, but she has always had some very thin areas on her ears, chest, neck, and bottom. (she rubs much of her bottom hair off because of her back/mobility issues) She has literally sprouted hair we haven't seen since we've had her!!! We lovingly have been referring to her as our Chia Pet!!! haha I didn't think she could get softer or shinier either, but she has. THANKS Honest Kitchen for a great product!

Written by Jami | 8/3/12

Is there any samples available for SPARKLE? I have tried numerous other products and am tired of them not working and 1/2 way through I am throwing out the product. I am seeing some improvement to my girls coat since I started feeding Thrive but not a lot.

Written by Ryokuru | 4/8/11

Thank goodness for SPARKLE! I havent tried it for my dogs yet, but one of my cats has environmental and grain allergies. Ive seen lost of products like these for dogs, but never one for cats. I was recommended SPARKLE by my local pet shop. I mix it with her Prowl nightly, and it sure helps her! This is a wonderful product. Five stars, no doubt about it!

Written by Micki | 3/18/11

In addition to feeding Force & Embark to my Aussie, I added SPARKLE because of some winter allergies that the vet wanted to treat with anti-histamines. Within a couple of days, there was a remarkable difference in him. No more scratching!!

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