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easy peesy tea

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Easy Peesy Tea - 2.8 oz jar
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Easy Peesy Tea

for dogs and cats

**Important Note: Unfortunately we are discontinuing this product so stock up now. You can read more details here.**

Easy Peesy Tea™ to help support the normal healthy functioning of the urinary tract, and can be used as a cat supplement or dog supplement.

We’re sorry - this product is not allowed to be sold in Idaho, New Mexico, Texas or South Dakota due to state regulations on certain herbs.

Contraindications: Easy Peesy Tea isn’t recommended for use in animals with kidney stones; animals displaying urinary discomfort should be seen by a veterinarian. It should not be used with animals who are currently taking the medicine Lasix, a furosemide. During pregnancy and nursing, Easy Peesy Tea should only be used under veterinary supervision.

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Written by Lindsey | 9/15/12

My cat would appear to have some kidney problems and while I know that he would probably benefit from expensive medications and treatments but I was wondering if maybe this might help.

Written by Jessa | 9/15/12

My dog may be having a little urinary incontinence when she sleeps or is relaxed. I refuse to put her on medications but want to try herbal approach. Would this product be good for her. Her urinary incontinece does not happen all the time.

Written by Wendi | 8/3/12

I have a young keesnond bitch that has what I would call an excitable bladder.She doesnt have trouble holding her urine but when I go to her crate to take her out she gets excited and releases her bladder sometimes just a dribble but mostly a full release.When she was a young pup when someone would come up to pet her would dribble and tnis wasnt from fear or uneasiness she has a very outgoing dominate personality.Would this tea help strengthen her bladder a little?Just trying to find something to help.And yes I have had her urine tested and everthing had normal values.

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Horsetail, cleavers, couch grass, nettle and marshmallow root

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 10.43%
Fat, 6.97%
Fiber, 13.78%
Moisture, 9.13%

how much to feed each day

Supplments Feeding Guidelines

Adjust accordingly for larger animals. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental use only.

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