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Digestive Supplement

Perfect Form

recipe highlights

• Helps firm things up for dogs & cats
• Seal of approval from the National Animal Supplement Counsel (NASC)
• Created for all life stages
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5.5 oz jar
  • 5.5 oz jar
    $14.99 $14.24
Product Description Perfect Form is ideal for cats and dogs with gastrointestinal upset and less-than-perfect digestion. Filled with herbs like slippery elm, fennel and plantain to soothe and protect the GI tract, Perfect Form aids in reducing occasional loose stools from environmental stress, dietary indiscretion or the transition to a new diet. It's also helpful for pets with gas and regularity issues—don't laugh, it's a real problem.
Supplement for dogs and cats to support normal, healthy functioning of the digestive tract

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Active Ingredients per 1 tsp: Papaya leaf, plantain leaf, slippery elm, organic pumpkin seed, pectin, papain and fennel

Inactive Ingredients: None

Contains no added salt, sugar, by-products, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.

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My dog has a lot of stomach issues and this helps soothe his tummy!
This product was essential in helping our two bulldog-mixes transition to The Honest Kitchen menu. We experienced above-normal, well-formed potty during their transition! No tummy troubles, no messy potty, no digestive stress! Thank you!
Both of our dogs went through emotional upset which caused GI distress. The perfect form turned it around quickly!
This is an absolutely AMAZING product. My dog, Talula, was having gas and soft, sour-smelling stools for a few months. I decided to try this supplement since she is eating Brave mixed in with her regular food because she has allergies. I've tried many different digestive supplements, but none have worked like this one.
Talula has been on Perfect Form for 2 weeks now and is doing awesome. She has zero gas and her stools are consistently firm and easy to pick up with virtually no smell. To whoever is reading this and is skeptical, please just give it a try. You will not be disappointed.
THANK YOU for making this product!
I'm back Your product Perfect Form is Fantastic, it's cured our old dog of watery loose stools Now two of the younger dogs seem to be having issues, so have started giving it to them too. Only problem is your can is too small now that I'm going to be giving it to three dogs. I've said this before and I'm saying it again ( maybe I'll keep it up until you do something) I WISH YOU'D EITHER PUT YOUR PERFECT FORM IN A LARGER CAN OR EVEN IN THE ZIP LOCK BAGS ( if that would be a cheaper way to go) THAT OTHER COMPANIES USE FOR THEIR DOG POWDERS! Or maybe just a discount if a person buys several cans at a time. LIKE BUY 6 GET 1 FREE : ) Bottom line is you folks know how Great this product is, so you figure that folks like me will keep buying it. Maybe or maybe not, as I keep checking different products for a cheaper way to go. Searching the Web is how I found you folks, but only after the product that had worked on the older dog for a few years sorta, stopped working.
I know the ingredients in your Perfect Form. I could buy each one on websites, The only thing that stops me is, I'd have no way of knowing the Ratio of each product that goes into your finished product. Trust me I've sure given it a lot of thought. I know I can't, as I want to help my dogs, not take a chance of hurting them. This is a very long message , but I just had to get it off my chest, as every time I place an order it bothers me. Hey!!! maybe I'll win a Lotto, then I won't have to worry about the cost : ) Rae
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