Sustainably Raised, Free-Range Chicken

We're very proud of our chicken! It's sourced exclusively from Petaluma Poultry, a division of Coleman Natural Foods, and is USDA certified free-range, humanely raised, vegetarian fed without the use of animal fat or by-products and is never, ever fed antibiotics.

“Humane farming and respect for the origins of our food are very important to us at The Honest Kitchen, and it’s been a long term ambition of our entire staff to be able to offer this level of quality to our consumers.

Petaluma Poultry has been approved to label the chicken we buy as ‘Step Three’ in the Whole Foods Gap Rating for humanely raised meats. This means our chickens are raised in the following way:

Mandatory 3rd party audit of animal welfare standards, using criteria developed by animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin. Areas of evaluation include:

  • Animals handled with patience, skill and respect
  • Proper condition and upkeep of all equipment
  • Clean, well-designed facility ensuring quiet movement of the animals
  • Appropriate flooring to ensure the animals’ stability
  • Healthy condition of animals upon arrival
  • Calm, efficient unloading procedures

Petaluma Poultry’s “Rocky” chicken was the first United States Department of Agriculture antibiotic free, all vegetarian-fed chicken. The company’s free range birds are raised in roomy, naturally lit barns and have open access to outdoor pens. Petaluma Poultry’s farms have achieved an ISO 14001 certification from the Environmental Resources Management Group of Companies.

A commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, nutritional consciousness and compassion for animals as well as reducing waste, preserving the environment, supporting employees comfort and efficiency, and contributing to the local community are fundamental issues shared by both The Honest Kitchen and Petaluma Poultry.

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