May 24, 2012

Thank you THK!

When we got Molly at 8 weeks old, the breeder sent a bag of kibble home with us, but Molly did not like it. We switched foods 3 weeks later and her since then her stools were seldom well formed.Then she contracted giardia twice the first year of her life. She had frequent diarrhea or soft stools even after the giardia was cured. The veterinarian diagnosed her with colitis. It seemed like the smallest stress would initiate the colitis, so frustrating.

The vet also thought she had food allergies, but we could never stick with the strict dietary guidelines for 6-8 weeks. So a few months ago I started cooking homemade meals for Molly, our GSD. She had no reactions to any organic protein sources or grains, (my husband likes to bake organic wheat/rye breads). Although she was doing better I was concerned about her getting adequate vitamins and minerals. We found a decent large breed kibble and I fed homemade.

Her colitis was better, but her stools still could be firmer. I went on-line and found a website where German Shepherd owners have discussions about the breed. The Honest Kitchen came up in a few discussions so I decided to check out the brand. I ordered the Perfect Form supplement and the Force food. Once I had Molly on at least 1 cup (in dehydrated form) of food a day, with the addition of Perfect Form a few times a week, her stools are much better. We just finished the Force food and are on Love. We also feed kibble. There were no negative reactions to the introduction of THK or changing formulas. I think THK brand is working so well because it is so close to being fresh and wholesome, like homemade, plus even better than homemade with added nutrients. So we just wanted to thank you for keeping our Molly, jolly!

G. M. – California