May 7, 2009

Last month we were in Northern California, visiting some of the 33 Pet Food Express (PFE) stores. We met some of the PFE team and got to hear what their favorite THK diets were.

Pet Food Express has been carrying The Honest Kitchen products since 2005, so it was great for me to meet a company that has been supporting us for so long!

We also had the pleasure of meeting some of the furry members of the PFE team; Lobo, a very sweet Golden Retriever from the Berkeley store, and Casper, a statuesque and handsome cat that watches over the San Francisco Stonestown store.

During our visits, we were explaining that as part of research and development at The Honest Kitchen, we (not just the dogs and cats) try out all the food. Some members of the PFE team were interested in trying the foods themselves, so we shared a sample bag of Force together :) What better way to be able to stand behind a product then to have tried it yourself and realized this stuff actually tastes good!

Looking forward to our next visit!