February 21, 2013

From A1nettie's Beauty and Likes Blog

This is a dehydrated whole food for dogs. I was really excited to give this to my dog Digger.

This is fantastic! It is all real fruits, veggies, grains, herbs and chicken, beef, or other protein. No byproducts here. There are additional vitamins added too. My dog was so excited! He know that it was for him. He was jumping and crying and just knew that was not for us.

It was very easy to mix. Just use the water heated as directed and you can add a little more if you prefer for it to be more of a wet mix. It may not look appetizing, but It smells like real food and not "dog food". You can even see the pieces of apples in it and the chunks of other fruits and veggies.

I mixed it in after spooning a little in his dish. I figured I would try a little at first to make sure everything would be ok for his tummy. I thought it would be since it is all real & natural ingredients. Of course he did fine and actually he was spitting out his kibble as the Honest Kitchen dehydrated food came off. LOL How funny!

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