March 19, 2010

Would you love to know more about exactly where our ingredients come from? Here’s the first in a series of notes to give you a little insight – direct from our ‘girl in the know’ Laurette Lamontagne – she’s The Honest Kitchen’s director of purchasing and operations…..

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The Honest Kitchen’s certified organic flaxseed

“Our organic flax is is grown in North Dakota, where 95% of US flax happens to be grown. Our supplier told me this week that when the flax is in bloom in mid- August, the fields from a distance look like a rippled lake. Sounds like reason for a road trip to me!

The pods are quite ingenious, where the shell holds about 7-11 flax seeds, a great example of nature at her finest. The seeds inside the pods are amazingly shiny – and are sliced not milled using ultra-sharp blades, which helps to prevent leaking of the valuable golden oil inside each one.”