January 20, 2011

The Honest Kitchen was not the first food that I tried to solve my dog Jacques’ allergies, but it will definitely be the last. For years, I have been trying to solve his issues that appeared to be a direct result of food allergies. He had hives covering his body, dark tear stains, itchy skin and he constantly licked his feet to the point that they were always a brown, yeasty mess.

I chose Zeal for Jacques because of the quality of the ingredients, the limited amounts of ingredients, and the fact that the protein was something Jacques had never had. Within days, you could see visible improvements in his coat and obsessive licking. The biggest shock, however, came from the improvements I wasn’t looking for. Four weeks into Zeal, I noticed that jacques’ body was changing. He became leaner and more appropriately proportioned and lost weight I didnt even know needed to go. If I were a dog, I would be jealous of Jacques’ new body. It’s a true testament to the quality, wholesome ingredients that are used in all of The Honest Kitchen’s foods.

Twelve weeks into Zeal, Jacques got an “All-Clear” from his vet. Literally every single allergy symptom was gone… And he was acting like a happy, healthier dog. What’s more, he and I have further strengthened our bond through the process. The few minutes each day that I spend preparing his food and being actively involved in that process enabled me to dedicate time each day to checking him out and making sure everything is good. (we spend so much time together… but this is now our special time).

I could not be more thankful for the new lease on life that Zeal has given Jacques. What more can I ask for than to provide the best life possible for my best friends??? That is what life should be all about. Good food…good love… And good dogs.

Brett Chisholm
Editor-in-Chief LIFE+DOG
Friend of Jacques, Harvey, Garrett, and Isabella. All Honest Kitchen pups.