March 15, 2013

Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine

THK staff book review by Kat

Title: Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine, Blue Dolphin Publishing, Sage Holloway, 2001.

What is Vibrational Medicine and how does it help animals?

Vibrational remedies carry high-energy frequencies. This frequency assists the animal’s own energetic field to resonate at a higher vibration, thus allowing healing and balance to occur throughout the entire energy system, not just the physical body, but the animal’s whole system. Vibrational remedies work on the source, not just the symptom of imbalance or illness.

Holloway reminds us that all life is energy. All living creatures on the planet are made up of mostly energy; the physical body is just a small part of the entire being. When we only treat the symptoms the physical body exhibits, we are not addressing the entire being, the source, or the cause of the symptoms.

Holloway discusses healing our relationship with animals.

Animals are conscious beings, which “function in and understand dimensions that are foreign to most humans”. Way in advance of our human technology’s ability to detect them, animals sense natural disasters of all kinds, including floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. Dogs have been shown to be able to detect cancer in the human body. Humans have historically thought themselves to be the most intelligent beings on this Earth, but Holloway begs to differ. Despite a long history of neglect, abuse, disrespect, and lack of compassion and reverence for the animals of this world, our animal friends still manage to remain pure and see the good in us. The good news is that more and more humans are “remembering to relate to animals as sentient beings with a soul”. Vibrational remedies are our way of giving back to these magnificent creatures and helping to heal the damage we’ve done.

More factors affecting our animals and why they need healing.

  • Stress caused by a variety of factors: Absorbed from their human companions, living in a “human” world, changes in living conditions and environment, lack of exercise, lack of contact with nature, highly processed and low-quality, low-energy foods; invasive medical procedures, environmental toxins, lack of sunlight and fresh air, the energetic imbalances of the Earth itself.
  • “Soul loss” caused by trauma to an animal. This manifests in a disconnect with an animal’s physical world as well as with their fellow creatures and/or human guardians. It can also manifest in physical form such as a dull look in their eyes, dull coat, lack of enthusiasm, a lack of “glow” and a susceptibility to infections, etc.
  • Lack of connection or communication with the animals in our lives.

Topics covered by Holloway in relation to vibrational remedies and their use with animals:

  • The unique qualities and gifts of each major animal species including dolphins, dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rodents, and fish.
  • The energy systems and Chakra locations of these animals.
  • Colors and associations for the Chakra energy centers.
  • Dowsing, kinesiology and methods for choosing and using vibrational remedies.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicines 5-element theory.
  • A description and list of each type of vibrational remedy as a guide to help you choose the most appropriate for your animal’s needs.

Vibrational remedies discussed by Holloway in this book include:

  • Essences (flowers, gems, minerals, elements, stars and environmental sites)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Color
  • Crystal grids
  • Magnetic healing