April 21, 2013

From Anything for Cookie Blog

This year I decided to pay a lot more attention to what the dogs are and aren’t eating. I read a lot about the importance of fruits and vegetables in puppies diets because of Deluca. I decided to start incorporating them into each of her meals and some of the other dogs meals. And so began Sunday Dinner at the Miepet house. I had looked into dehydrated fruits and veggie food and while I didn’t want to switch fully to a dehydrated food system I liked the idea of adding some to their food so I bought a bag of Sojos. I have enjoyed the Sojos food and will review that another day but I was recently offered some samples of another brand, The Honest Kitchen, in exchange for a review.

My favorite thing about dehydrated dog food is that it is so much more nutritional than regular dry dog food. Because of the way it is prepared it retains much more of the good stuff and with out a lot of the added bad stuff that is in kibble. They also use some seriously high quality ingredients, and my dogs deserve high quality. I also like that it keeps for longer than fresh fruits and vegetables. Depending on how long it has sat on the shelf at the store, dehydrated food can last up to a year. It also takes a lot of the guess-work out of what you can, and can not feed dogs. I am guilty of feeding Banksy a ton of grapes, only to find out the next day you shouldn’t feed dogs grapes. On top of that it is a light weight option for taking your dog back packing or on a trip.

There are multiple brands of dehydrated dog food. What I like about the Honest Kitchen specifically is the variety of products the have. There is even a handy chart above this you can use to see what product is best for your pups. They also seem to be one of “those companies”. You know, the kind where people love to work there and they don’t compromise their mission in order to make more money. In fact they only use human grade food that is cooked in a facility that only cooks human grade food. They also support rescues and shelters, and pride themselves on giving back.

There are a couple of things I am not a huge fan of. First and by far the dumbest is my own personal hang up on feeding my dogs just the dehydrated food. I am just so use to boring ole dry dog food, that I can’t quite compute that this stuff is enough food for my dogs. It isn’t true, and I know that, but I just can’t seem to get over it. Another issue is that since they are using a lot of different foods that are only cooked as much as they need to be instead of overcooked as much as possible you do run a risk of having recalls. They actually just had one recently. While I haven’t done a ton of research it seems like they have a much lower rate of recall than most other dog food brands. Since they take pride in knowing where every ingredient comes from and having a strong relationship with those suppliers they stay on top of any issues that might come up. The biggest draw backs are that it does take a little time to prepare and that unlike normal kibble if I make a bit too much I can’t just throw it back in the bag. Once hydrated you can store the food in the fridge for a day or two but they don’t suggest keeping it any longer than that.

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