November 4, 2009

Bones 2 Go, a quaint store in Houston, TX selling strictly raw pet foods opened its doors in 2003. Since then, the owner Tracey Rentcome has dedicated herself and her store to providing fresh, natural food for her customers’ fur-friends. Her humble beginnings include slaving away to prepare Dr. Pitcairn’s recipes for her own two Great Danes (whom devoured in upwards of 5 pounds of food a day!), to a home based business branching from rescue work.

The focus here is raw food! Bones 2 Go offers almost every alternative to kibble out there, namely frozen raw foods like Primal, and dehydrated raw food The Honest Kitchen. This small store abounds with freezers everywhere. The space holds only 10-15 customers, but instead of being perturbed at a wait to purchase the food, many pet owners walk around the store with each other pointing to foods they feed or have tried; a show-and-tell time! Tracey’s store has gained in popularity simply from word-of-mouth. She now jokes about having two options, moving to a larger space or going underground and not accepting any new customers! We say NO to the latter ‘Underground Railroad.’ She has a great thing going, and we are honored for our increased exposure in and around Houston. Recently, after bringing on The Honest Kitchen supplement line, she was “very impressed” with the fact that Slippery Elm is in the digestive health supplement, stating that “was genius, my friend.”

Thank you, Tracey, for your dedication in improving the food, lives and well-being of your four-pawed customers. Bones 2 Go – You will receive 20% off your next order!

Bones 2 Go!
7025 West Tidwell, Suite h-109
Houston, TX 77092